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Why is every other book series compared to twilight!?
Elizabeth Elizabeth Nov 07, 2011 04:06PM
Why is it that every book comes out they have to absolutely compare it to twilight? (Also Harry Potter…)
Nothing can be more insulting to a creative mind then being constantly compared to someone else! If you know why they constantly sell books as 'The next twilight' if you have an idea why they do this comment or if you have questions of your own just post it here!

the books series are known by a lot of people and because of that everyone knows what it is about so that is why they love to compare it to others it aslo tells you what the genre is and who would like it.

I think It's because Twilight was very popular and other author's saw that Vampires were like this new hot topic and decided to go along with what's making the money you know? But I hated going into B&N and seeing nothing but vampire books. It irked me for a while but I got used to it and just looked around those books :)

Will (last edited Nov 07, 2011 04:14PM ) Nov 07, 2011 04:14PM   0 votes
"why they constantly sell books as 'The next twilight'"

Well this should be self-evident. The series is enormously popular, justifiably or not. It's just a marketing strategy.

Will IV Anything that popular is going to have a lot of hate as well, but marketing is a numbers game. Among teens, Twilight is massively popular, slap that n ...more
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M 25x33
Romario Some books are compared to twilight because ppl. think that they are almost as bad as twilight. (Full offence to twilight)
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well i guess its cuz everyone has read twilight or watched the movies or at least knows what it is about...

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