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Religion and Robinson Crusoe
Jenna Jenna Nov 07, 2011 03:16PM
When Crusoe comes down with the ague after eating the tortoise, he does an examination of his motives and of his soul. At one point, he cries out, "Jesus, thou son of David, Jesus, thou exalted Prince and Savior, give me Repentance!"

I'm looking for some input from someone who has some background understanding of the religious beliefs Crusoe may have held. Why did Crusoe not say, "Jesus, thou Son of God"?

Jesus was both the Son of God and a man. I think Crusoe was calling to the God who was man. In other words, Crusoe needs someone who understands and can help him. So, he calls to the man in God, "Jesus, thou son of David" and to the God who can help him "Jesus, thou exalted Prince and Savior". Hope this clarifies.

Son of David was one of the titles of Jesus as the Messiah promised in the OT prophecies. As man he is of the line of David by blood through Mary and by adoption through Joseph which the genealogies mentioned above show. The use of Son of David here was simply as a title of Christ, just as Son of God and Son of Man would be.

Solomon was David's son.

Because Jesus was seen as a link between the old and the new testament. This is something I object to, too, but it is both in the Catholic and Anglican way of viewing at the figure of Christ.

Jesus has many designations in the New Testament - Son of God, Son of David, Son of Man, and others. The one he most frequently applied to himself was Son of Man. Robinson Crusoe had no real beliefs except those Daniel Defoe gave him. Nothing more need be read in here than that Defoe ascribed traditional Christian beliefs to Crusoe.

Crusoe is quoting blind Bartimaeus, who cried out, "Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me" (Mark 10:47).

Jesus is supposedly of the same bloodline as King David (from the book of Matthew) even though Luke says he came from the same bloodline as Solomon.

M 25x33
Peter They are of the same blood line, Soloman is the son of King David.
And Jesse begot David the king. And David the king begot Solomon,......
Matthew 1
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He is Englander they never cared about faith
Prime concern for them is money
He called son of David coz JOSEF was of David descend

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