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Secondhand Charm
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > Girl grows up in landlocked country, goes to sea and finds sea creature companion? [s]

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Miriam | 40 comments In this book, a girl grows up in a small village and ends up going to the capital for schooling after demonstrating her proficiency. A boy from her village accompanies her and there is a romance between the two. Along the way, there is a shipwreck and some sort of sea creature becomes the girl's companion. The girl loses the token that allows her to study at the royal university and she must go to the castle to plead her case. Another girl in the book is engaged to the king and plans on taking over the kingdom. She also has a sea creature companion and takes in the first girl as her "friend."

The main character's grandfather is actually her father. Her mother died when her father accidentally killed her sea creature companion, thinking it was attacking her.

Hopefully I've given enough information?

Valerie | 59 comments Oh I know this one! Is it Secondhand Charm?

Miriam | 40 comments Valerie wrote: "Oh I know this one! Is it Secondhand Charm?"
Yes, that's it! Thank you!! :)

Valerie | 59 comments No problem.

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