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Bridget Bowers (bridgetbowers) | 12 comments So, I’ve just released my first book and I’d love to get the word out there the best way I can to share it. I’m a long time lover of fantasy, and while I do enjoy reading a wide variety of genres, fantasy will always be a first love.

My book The Path of Light is an epic fantasy adventure. While an ancient evil stirs, a nearly forgotten prophecy heralds the coming of the Chosen One. Kallum Syer Theras must embrace his birthright and embark on an epic journey across Vlandamyuir with only the clues hidden by the secret Accenderes Order to guide him.

It is available on a number of platforms. You can find it here:


You can also find me on Facebook at:
Facebook book page:

Facebook personal page:

As well as my Amazon author page at:

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Bridget Bowers (bridgetbowers) | 12 comments You can also now find out more information on The Path of Light at my new website:


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Bridget Bowers (bridgetbowers) | 12 comments I've just released a short story available on Amazon.com.


Tales told around a campfire on a cold winter's night are where legends live.
The story of two boys, Caleb and Darrion, explores the creation of a hero. From carefree days of mock battle to the final epic conclusion, Legend is a peak into destiny and fate.


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