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message 1: by Mike (the Paladin) (last edited Nov 07, 2011 01:54PM) (new)

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 39 comments I played Baldur's Gate (or Baldur's Gate "1" if you prefer) and it was an excellent game. It came out in '98 I believe and was a step up in a way from Ice Wind Dale (even though Ice Wind Dale came out later). I like Ice Wind Dale, but it's a much more linear game, step 1, to step 2, to step 3 and so on. Baldur's Gate had a lot more content such as side quests.

Then late in 2000 Baldur's Gate 2 came out. It picks up after the events of Baldur's Gate (though porting in a character isn't automatic. It's generally easier to start a character of the same type with same name as the story requires that you have lost all you equipment in other words you start having been taken prisoner and have no equipment. You escape and begin gathering new equipment). You start to gather "new stuff" as the game opens. (Though if you really want to there are ways to start the game with higher levels and a lot of equipment.)

The game is huge you can go through almost any door go down most any street. You do need to have certain NPCs with you at times to get certain side quests, but that's generally not a problem as you can drop one and pick up another, then later if you want pick the other back up.

But there are other quests, battles and treasures that you find only by looking. Open doors, if a door is locked find out how to open it and so on. (One of the toughest battles in the game is behind a locked door that I didn't find till I'd played through the game a couple of times. You had to have something called a rogue stone, then the door opened to one of the hardest battles in the game. Another building you can simply walk into has some evil wizards and fighters that if defeated give a lot of good treasure including the most powerful katana in the game. If you chose katana as a weapon, they can be hard to come by, but are excellent for some fighters especially if you choose the Kensai.

There are "specialty" characters under the basic player character classes by the way.

message 2: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) This is PC, yes?

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 39 comments Yes, I don't know if there's a Mac version or anything, I never looked. But yes this is PC.

message 4: by Maggie (new)

Maggie K I played this too Mike, and loved it...It was the game I brought with when I got put on assignment in Southern MN for 3 months! lol

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 39 comments (I still play it.) Hope it made MN more interesting????

message 6: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) I have never tried to play PC RPG. I wonder if I would miss the controller...

message 7: by Maggie (new)

Maggie K Yes, I had a grand time in Southern MN...couldnt tell you the name of any town other than Rochester though! lol

message 8: by Mike (the Paladin) (last edited Nov 08, 2011 11:33AM) (new)

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 39 comments Amelia, you can play it exclusively with the mouse so it's not a big deal. You direct where to attack and what attack to use and simply click to attack. Hitting the space bar pauses the action if you need to stop and get a better look at what's happening or whatever.

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 39 comments far I've only played it at home, but I have used it (and other RPGs) as a break from life's more difficult situations. I believe I found it when I'd just had the first of several surgeries a few years ago. It helped, LOL.

message 10: by Maggie (new)

Maggie K I found that too Mike. I later moved on to Morrowwind, but still have a soft spot for BG and BGII

message 11: by Mike (the Paladin) (last edited Nov 08, 2011 02:05PM) (new)

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 39 comments I never played Morrowwind (my son didn't like it much so I didn't pick it up). I got big time into Never Winter Nights (and NWN2) after BG. I still play those to. I got the "Diamond Edition" that had all the games and the expansions. I also like Dungeon Siege (and DS2 of course LOL) but not as much as BG.

message 12: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Easy pause is key when playing at work. :)

message 13: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Um, well, I just took a little trip to Starbucks and my local Fred Meyer (Meh, call it a lunch break...I never take one) to see if they had a copy of Baldur's Gate. They have a fair few PC games, but no joy on the BG front. They had a NWN III, but no I or II. So, I ended up with FFXIV, something that looked fun called Fable and one that was on sale, but looked fairly BG-ish called Two Worlds (collectors edition). I figure these will at least give me something to do over the boring winter afternoons stuck here at work while my bosses can't golf (I get to leave early when they're golfing. :), and it will allow me to see if I like the mouse game play.

I'll keep an eye out for BG next time we go to Game Stop.

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 39 comments I don't know where you're located, but Amazon has the complete Baldur's Gate collection (including Sword Coast which was between 1 and 2 and maybe the weakest) for around $15 (plus shipping of course). They also have Neverwinter Nights sets for both 1 and 2.

I don't work for Amazon, honest. Just trying to help. LOL

message 15: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) I figured I could easily find them online, I just wanted something to mess around with today. Patience is not always a virtue I possess. In fact, not often. Once I decide on something I have to do/have it Right Now!

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 39 comments Guess I'm older. Ordering something used to mean you'd get it in a month or six weeks...

message 17: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) I'm 40, I remember when a frozen dinner took 40 minutes in the oven. That doesn't mean I don't tap my food at the microwave taking so long. :)

Best video!

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 39 comments I know (nice clip, not a Conan fan[unless you mean Robert E. Howard]). But I to get impatient with waiting for my microwave. Life.

message 19: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Conan is pointless, he just spends the whole time going, "Yep! Yep! Uh huh!" and hopping around in his seat like he's on massive amounts of blow.

I just like the "'s talking to space, can you give it a second to get back from SPACE?" Brilliant!

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 39 comments It was funny, but accurate really. I date back to party lines as well as rotary phones (I'm one of those people who has thought of getting a rotary phone just for nostalgia). We had one of those small desk/chair pieces of furniture made "just for the phone". The desk small and just enough room for the phone and a small pad with a shelf underneath for the phone book/s and a chair built onto the side to sit in as you talked on the phone. We NEVER had a color TV (till after I left home) and we never had AC.

And you had to get up, cross the room and turn a nob to change the channels (or turn the set on or off.)

I also like his point that as soon as something becomes available, people feel "entitled".

message 21: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Yes, we had a telephone table as well, and only the one phone in the dining room in the whole house!

People with "party lines" were very cool...we never had that. We did have a color TV, an RCA with fake wood made of plastic. My grandparents had an enormous real wood frame around their TV, it was HUGE, but the actual screen wasn't very big (compared to the 60" flat screen LCD HD deal we have now it was tiny). When I was about 10 everyone started getting cable, 50 odd channels instead of 5 (including public broadcasting). My mom made us watch a telethon about abused children and said that we could either get cable or send the money to the beaten kids. We sent it to the beaten kids...

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 39 comments knew you had to right???? :)

We got cable first in about '78 or '79. It was about the time our second child (my son) was born.

When I was a kid and we lived on a farm (our address was Rural Route 2 or RR2) we had a party line. I don't recall how many households we shared the line with, 10 I think, but I wouldn't swear to it. You had to lift the receiver and see if anyone was already talking on the line...and it polite not to listen in.

The first phone number I remember was expressed in words and numbers (Circle5-6023, the circle was ci or in other words 24. Don't know why that was supposed to be easier.)

message 23: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Ha! We were totally guilted into it. I'm not sure you get any points when you are guilted into it.

"Party Line" means something totally different to me. People who had "Party Line" meant they could call more than one friend and conference them in. I grew up in North Portland, right in the city...And, I was born in '71, so that kind of a party line was gone I think.

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm a big fan of the Baldur's Gate series, and the Icewind Dale games as well, though not as much. As far as PC-RPGs go, they are among the best.

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