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The Son of Neptune Vs. The Lost Hero
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Which book, in your opinion, did you like over the other one?
I personally preferred The Lost Hero over SON.
I think RR really didn't elaborate enough on SON. I mean the Lost Hero was really interesting with all the detail given.
I guess I was just excited for it because Percy was going to be brought back into the story.

I like the Lost Hero more because there was more humor in it and it was in the Greek version and the SoN wasn't a funny as i hoped and the Roman gods and goddesses are a little confusing to me.

ȘᎯɱᎯɴτħᎯ The Gods and Goddesses aren't that hard to understand its simple they have different aspect of themselves ...more
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Juliet they have alternate personalities and have no memory of each other. There are also additional gods and powers that have never come up before. sorry if ...more
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I like SON better

I liked tLH, not because of the humor or the god(esse)s, but because tLH just seemed like a better example of Riordan's writing to me. Because it was organized a lot better, and I like organization. I knew what to expect with the chapters; two from Jason, two from Piper, then two from Leo. In tSoN, it was like, one for Frank, five from Hazel, eleven from Percy. (Those aren't actual numbers, just what it felt like to me.)

I loved both books but if it came to a life and death situation i would choose SON.

The SON all the way because we got to hear Percy again and know what he was going through. Also that he only remeber his name and Annabeth but it was sad to learn that he didn't remeber anything else.

Well, I'm three years late to this...but I liked Son of Neptune better. The whole time I read TLH I was like "I wanna find Percy already!" So I was just extremely happy to see Percy again :)

Omg the choices one must make if I had to choose it'd probably be The Lost Hero

I liked both... Not totally sure which I liked more. I mean, I was SO happy Percy was back in the Son of Neptune, but the Lost Hero was interesting because there was new characters. Both were great. I don't really like choosing favorites.

I liked the story in the Lost Hero more, there was a lot of action and some great new twists, but I don't like any of the characters in that one.
I thought the Son of Neptune was getting way too confusing, but I absolutely loved Percy, I always will. I also loved Tyson in the ending.
I think I liked the Lost Hero more, but I'll always love Percy best.

There are things I liked about both books: in Lost Hero we finally start to see RR's world in the eyes of Jason, it's also the first time he adds more then one persons POV in the books (Leo/Piper): frankly though, I would have LOVED it if had done this with Percy Jackson, but as this is about Heroes and not only Percy only anymore I can understand it.

We got to see Half-Blood Camp with three different peoples impressions.

Oh, but I adore the Romans - the lore of those people is all but near mystery for how many religions that they took in during conquering in name of the Empire: RR amused me with his strict centurion camp and that 'lost eagle' and the importance of family and hierarchy to the Roman people.

If you know a little Roman history, the humor is lurking there, sort of a inside joke.

I also, yes, loved seeing Percy again.

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