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So excited to find there are more books and spin-off series!

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Rachel On a past visit to the library, my daughter picked up Coraline, and in this section there was a row of NG graphic novels (she informed me that calling them comic books was just bad form, and showed my age..). I read every one of The Sandman novels in one sitting and was just hungry for more, but I had read all that my library carried. Today while updating my list I discovered that Neil Gaiman is a Goodreads author, and saw a whole list of Sandman novels yet unread! Whoo hoo!! So after work today a trip to Amazon, a whole new list to read, and I am a happy, happy camper.

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Phillip Goodman i can think of 38 altogether, including the original series, and calling them graphic novels is frowned upon, neil gaiman himself said that it, and this is a bit of paraphrase, '......made him feel a bit like a prostitute who had just been told that they were a lady of the evening' course maybe thats just me showing my age

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Rachel *Laughing* I am so happy there are so many more stories to read; I most certainly did not read 38 my first time 'round. I love the Sandman character, and his odd but beautiful family, and perhaps showing our age isnt such a terrible thing, tho I tend to waver on that point.

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