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Who is your favorite character?

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In this book who do you think was the best character?

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Molly Weasley!

Parker Hmm, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. I enjoyed Luna Lovegood. :)

Jessica I love Ginny Weasley, in the beginning she is just this little girl but throughout the books she grows up and turns into a total badass!

Nikkie Honestly I loved Snape and Draco I also liked Dumbledor, Luna, Harry, Bellatrix and Hermione but my faves would have to be the first two.

Lauraleigh I thought nevell was funny as, he was brilliant and i loved ron and snape

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Jennifer Dupriest Luna, Snape, Bellatrix, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny...

Leah Spiegel Alan Rickman, took Snape to another level in the movie, but I love Harry and Hermione equally in this book!

Tristen my favorite character is, by far, Bellatrix

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My favourite characters are Hermione and Luna.
Harry wouldn't have accomplished anything if it weren't for Hermione. And she's a good romodel for girls; smart, determined, courageous.
As for Luna, she's just so weird. I love her. Its like there's a Luna inside of everyone but some people just hide it well.

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I love how Luna is so weird and everybody picks on her and she stays the way she is and it doesn't affect her one bit.

Valerie I'd say Dobby. He's definitely the cutest character. Besides you can't say elves aren't awesome!

Anastasia シ Snape, Bellatrix, Ron, Hermione,Fred and George, Voldemort and Dumbbledore

Rebecca It's impossible to pick 1 favorite character, haha. They're all so good, and the way she develops them is phenomenal. But I have to say Luna's quirky wisdom was one of the most interesting perks of the last three books :)

Lindsay I ended up liking Snape as well. He seemed complex and at the end of all things, I found myself re-evaluating him!

Rieyah Jamil hermione and cedric diggory.. love this pair. but , you know what happen. dead as usual..

Rachel Luna Lovegood!

Nyssa Dumbledore, Harry, Sirius Black and the twins Fred & George. Snape became an honorary favorite, after the fact. I was proud of all of the kids though, Neville especially.

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Emma I liked bella lestrange,the weasley twins, luna lovegood, and neville's toad.

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Fred and George

Rachel Snape, Snape, Severus Snape (Dumbledore!)

But no really, just Snape =P

Komal Snape, Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, and Hermione :)

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Julia Hagrid(:
And Dumbledore(:
And Fred(:
And Mrs. Weasley(:
And Remus Lupin(:
And Ron(:
And Hermione(:
And Ginny(:
And Buckbeak(:
And Sirius(:
And the beautiful Neville Longbottom(:
And Luna Lovegood(:
And Snape(:

Uhh, you guys get my point, right?

Christina Tonks!
And Fred and George! So funny!!
Hermione is so much "Do and don't" "Study Study Study"
Luna is cool :)

Olivia LUNA all the way! She's so weird, and I love her spectrespecs, and radish earrings, and she's actually smart because she's in ravenclaw, and she's a loyal member of the D.A., and she fights the death eaters at the ministry and in the seventh book...

Vymletoza fred and george, snape, ron, neville, hermione, kreacher, minerva, harry, luna .....

(in that order)
yes, there is kreacher.

B-zee I'm with Rowling's stream, if she described somebody is good, I'll love her/him, if she described bad, I'll think so. I don't know why she could make it that way :)

Bookaholic Snape

Yustie Amanda ron and draco

Jessica *Wise Owl* serious black was by far my favorite but fred and george were a close secound (but they have to be together fred&george not fred, george)

Cassidy Hagrid, Harry, and Snape(:

Motunrayo hermonie in d book n snape in d movie

Uditi My favourite characters are Hermione and Dobby.

Hermione is a great role model and i also find her very much like me!
She's an incredible part of the series (and the movies) and an amazing personality.
Dobby is the cutest thing ever and i really wish he didn't die. He and Harry are great together and he really admires/worships Harry.

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Adia Wilde I think I liked Luna, and Bellatrix the most, because they're both such interesting characters. But, really I like all the characters,for different reasons.

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HARYY!! he is so heroic and lovable the way he tries to save the world.

Tikiri SEVERUS SNAPE. Then Hermione.

Jasmine Herrmione.Then Harry:)

Jasmine Jasmine wrote: "Herrmione.Then Harry:)"

And how could i forget dobby?!

Jasmine Jasmine wrote: "Jasmine wrote: "Herrmione.Then Harry:)"

And how could i forget dobby?!"

And Luna of coarse!

Brian Definitely Hermoine. She's been my favorite in every book. But, not my favorite overall character in the series. In fact, my favorite in the series only appeared in one book. Fleur Delacour. :)

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Fred and/or George. They're equal!

and Ginny,
and Tonks and Hermione and Ron

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Radhika HARRY POTTER of course...hey I did meet him last summer in Los Angeles airport when he was on a tour to LA Universal Studios for a ceremony. I was kinda lost for words and the best part was my camera and my phone were out of battery!! Can you believe it! Anyhow I did get his autograph and I got to hug him! Hey, he doesn't look that bad!

Uditi Radhika wrote: "HARRY POTTER of course...hey I did meet him last summer in Los Angeles airport when he was on a tour to LA Universal Studios for a ceremony. I was kinda lost for words and the best part was my came..."

apparently he hates being called Harry when he's not in character

Ahlaam Dumbledore because he grew up the most; from a young boy who wanted to rule over muggles to a man who fought for their rights at whatever cost to him. He was a hero who had alot of faults.

Doron Yam Almost all of the characters devolped throughout the series. Most of them are complex and some are straight and clear.
It is hard to pick just one charcter because there is more then one of them that the reader will find it similar to him (or her) - I mean, in it's behaviour and personality.
If I had to choose only one character, I think, after a lot of hesitation, that it would be Severus Snape. I think that this perticular character, learned the most of them all and changed the most. I think that only he found the real difference betwin evil and good, and eventualy made the right choices.

Carly Lupin, Snape, Fred, and Bellatrix

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Radhika Natasha wrote: "Radhika wrote: "HARRY POTTER of course...hey I did meet him last summer in Los Angeles airport when he was on a tour to LA Universal Studios for a ceremony. I was kinda lost for words and the best ..."


Allie Luna or Neville because they were always the best from the first time I read about them!

Jeane There is only one: Snape

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