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message 1: by Theresa (last edited Nov 15, 2011 08:39AM) (new)

Theresa  (tsorrels) We'll take the first 9 book title nominations and I'll split them up in to three groups of three in the Polls. The winner from each group will be our Group Read for December, January, and February.

The rules for submitting a book title:
1) One submission per UF member (regardless of whether we are nominating for more than one month at a time).
2) Please submit the title, author, and a brief description of the book.
3) UF titles are preferred, but Supernatural, Sci-Fi, PNR, and Fantasy are acceptable too.
4a) It must be the first book in a series or a stand-alone title. If the title is in a series, but can be read without previous knowledge of the earlier books, feel free to submit it.
4b) If we have already read and discussed the first book in the series as a group, the second title can be submitted, etc.

You can view our Group Read History here.

We'll go to a total of 9 nominations or an end date of Monday, November 14th - whichever comes first. After we have the nominations, I will create the Polls and the voting process will begin. Voting will end on 11/22.

Please start nominating titles... and newcomers, please don't be shy - we would love to hear from you!

1. Black Wings by Christina Henry
2. Already Dead by Charlie Huston
3. Chimera by Rob Thurman
4. Imperium: A Caulborn Novel by Nicholas Olivo
5. Grave Witch by Kalayna Price
6. Vicious Circle by Linda Robertson

message 2: by ☀Rachael☀ (last edited Nov 09, 2011 08:30AM) (new)

☀Rachael☀ (jimbunni) DECEMBER:
1. Black Wings By Christina Henry
As an Agent of Death, Madeline Black is responsible for escorting the souls of the dearly departed to the afterlife. It's a 24/7 job with a lousy benefits package.

Maddy's position may come with magical powers and an impressive wingspan, but it doesn't pay the bills. And then there are her infuriating boss, tenant woes, and a cranky, popcorn-loving gargoyle to contend with.

Things start looking up, though, when tall, dark, and handsome Gabriel Angeloscuro agrees to rent the empty apartment in Maddy's building. It's probably just a coincidence that as soon as he moves in demons appear on the front lawn. But when an unholy monster is unleashed upon the streets of Chicago, Maddy discovers powers she never knew she possessed. Powers linked to a family legacy of tarnished halos.

Powers that place her directly between the light of Heaven and the fires of Hell...
Black Wings (Madeline Black, #1) by Christina Henry
1. Grave Witch Kalayana Price
As a grave witch, Alex Craft can speak to the dead-she's even on good terms with Death himself. As a consultant for the police, she's seen a lot of dark magic, but nothing has prepared her for her latest case. When she's raising a "shade" involved in a high profile murder, it attacks her, and then someone makes an attempt on her life. Someone really doesn't want her to know what the dead have to say, and she'll have to work with mysterious homicide detective Falin Andrews to figure out why...
Grave Witch (Alex Craft, #1) by Kalayna Price
1. Vicious Circle Linda Robertson
Being a witch doesn't pay the bills, but Persephone Alcmedi gets by between reading Tarot cards, writing her syndicated newspaper column, and kenneling werewolves in the basement when the moon is full -- even if witches aren't supposed to mingle with wolves. She really reaches the end of her leash, though, when her grandmother gets kicked out of the nursing home and Seph finds herself in the doghouse about some things she's written. Then her werewolf friend Lorrie is murdered...and the high priestess of an important coven offers Seph big money to destroy the killer, a powerful vampire named Goliath Kline. Seph is a tough girl, but this time she bites off more than she can chew. She needs a little help from her friends -- werewolf friends. One of those friends, Johnny, the motorcycle-riding lead singer for the techno-metal-Goth band Lycanthropia, has a crush on her. And while Seph has always been on edge around this 6'2" leather-clad hunk, she's starting to realize that although their attraction may be dangerous, nothing could be as lethal as the showdown that awaits them.
Vicious Circle (Persephone Alcmedi, #1) by Linda Robertson

message 3: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 51 comments I'd like to nominate: Already Dead

From Goodreads:
Those stories you hear? The ones about things that only come out at night? Things that feed on blood, feed on us? Got news for you: they’re true. Only it’s not like the movies or old man Stoker’s storybook. It’s worse. Especially if you happen to be one of them. Just ask Joe Pitt.

There’s a shambler on the loose. Some fool who got himself infected with a flesh-eating bacteria is lurching around, trying to munch on folks’ brains. Joe hates shamblers, but he’s still the one who has to deal with them. That’s just the kind of life he has. Except afterlife might be better word.

From the Battery to the Bronx, and from river to river, Manhattan is crawling with Vampyres. Joe is one of them, and he’s not happy about it. Yeah, he gets to be stronger and faster than you, and he’s tough as nails and hard to kill. But spending his nights trying to score a pint of blood to feed the Vyrus that’s eating at him isn’t his idea of a good time. And Joe doesn’t make it any easier on himself. Going his own way, refusing to ally with the Clans that run the undead underside of Manhattan–it ain’t easy. It’s worse once he gets mixed up with the Coalition–the city’s most powerful Clan–and finds himself searching for a poor little rich girl who’s gone missing in Alphabet City.

Now the Coalition and the girl’s high-society parents are breathing down his neck, anarchist Vampyres are pushing him around, and a crazy Vampyre cult is stalking him. No time to complain, though. Got to find that girl and kill that shambler before the whip comes down . . . and before the sun comes up.
Already Dead (Joe Pitt, #1) by Charlie Huston

message 4: by Darcy (new)

Darcy (sunnytat462) | 821 comments I'll go with Chimera (Chimera, #1) by Rob Thurman Chimera by Rob Thurman.

A sci-fi thriller that asks the questions...

What makes us human...
What makes us unique...
And what makes us kill?

Ten years ago, Stefan Korsak's younger brother was kidnapped. Not a day has passed that Stefan hasn't thought about him. As a rising figure in the Russian mafia, he has finally found him. But when he rescues Lukas, he must confront a terrible truth-his brother is no longer his brother. He is a trained, genetically-altered killer. Now, those who created him will do anything to reclaim him. And the closer Stefan grows to his brother, the more he realizes that saving Lukas may be easier than surviving him...

message 5: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie | 5 comments I'd like to nominate the urban fantasy novel Imperium A Caulborn Novel by Nicholas Olivo Imperium: A Caulborn Novel by Nicholas Olivo.

Vincent Corinthos leads a triple life. As a secret agent, he handles paranormal threats; as a god, he protects his followers from evil forces; as a stock clerk, he keeps the back room of an antique store tidy.

When one of his fellow agents goes missing, Vincent begins with the usual suspects. His investigation reveals that Boston’s latest supernatural threat is also waging war on his followers, and has diabolic intentions for the city’s paranormal citizens.

Now, with the aid of a new partner and a gremlin, Vincent must locate the missing agent, defend his followers and learn the identity of his adversaries before they can revive a malevolent force that’s been dormant since World War II.

message 6: by Theresa (new)

Theresa  (tsorrels) Rachael wrote: "DECEMBER:
1. Black Wings By Christina Henry
As an Agent of Death, Madeline Black is responsible for escorting the souls of the dearly departed to the afterlife. It's a 24/7 job with a lousy benef..."

Rachael, the rules state that only one nomination is accepted per group member. However, since there was a lack of nominations this time around, I am going to accept your three nominations to give us something to vote on. :)

message 7: by ☀Rachael☀ (new)

☀Rachael☀ (jimbunni) Oh sorry I didn't read it properly lol!

message 8: by Theresa (new)

Theresa  (tsorrels) The Polls are up and available for voting until 11/22!

message 9: by Theresa (new)

Theresa  (tsorrels) And here are the winners from the Polls:

Black Wings by Christina Henry

Grave Witch by Kalayna Price

Imperium: A Caulborn Novel by Nicholas Olivo

message 10: by Eliabeth (new)

Eliabeth Hawthorne (eliahawthorne) | 42 comments I just got an e-mail message that we're about to start reading Black Wings on Dec. 31. I'm pretty sure that was the book for December, but I just wanted to check.

message 11: by ☀Rachael☀ (new)

☀Rachael☀ (jimbunni) Yeah I'm confused and I've held of reading it till I knew what was goin on.

message 12: by Theresa (new)

Theresa  (tsorrels) Sorry for the confusion. I had some health issues that arose in December out of the blue and pretty much disappeared from GoodReads for a couple of weeks.

The Mod

message 13: by Michelle (last edited Mar 19, 2012 02:38PM) (new)

Michelle (fireweaver) | 63 comments so... are we not doing BOMs any more, or was march just so busy we didn't get time this month?

hope you're ok Theresa!

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