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oin and gloin

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Deidre They're pronounced Oh-in and Glow-in in the animated movie. I've always pronounced them that way.

Andrew "oh in" and "Glow in". I did think it might be 'oin as in coin but based upon several other names being two syllable combinations I figured that these would follow suit.

Paul I agree with the two previous posters. Gloin is written in the Lord of the Rings as Glóin, showing the O should be pronounced separately from the I.

For one of the best audio versions of The Hobbit (including proper pronunciations) may I recommend Nicol Williamson's abridged version.
Part 1 is here:

Kirby huh, the audio version I listened to said it like "coin."

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) Weird. In the movie they say Oh-in and Glow-in.

Amelia I've always naturally pronounced it Oh-in (like Owen), Glo-in. Tolkien invented each race as an embodiment of specific character traits, the dwarves are coarser in nature, thus their architecture is symmetrical and their language is harder on the ear than, say, elvish. If you look at the names of all of the other dwarves in the party, all of the names have distinct syllables, these two have no reason to be different. Also, if you pronounce it like "coin" then it sounds more elvish (think the end of Lothlorien) and if you say each name 20x, I think the result is interesting.

Alessandra I pronounce them "Owen" and "Glowin". Those two happen to not be found in the The Poetic Edda: The Mythological Poems The Poetic Edda The Mythological Poems by Anonymous , unlike just about every other Tolkien dwarf name. But the way Tolkien has set up pronunciation, that's what they should be.

Gavin David Woods They are most definitely mispronounced in the movies. The correct pronunciation is Owen & glow-in. PJ mispronounces a few names in LOTR as well. Celeborn, for instance, is pronounced sell-a-born when it should be Kel-e-born. All people need to do is read the indexes of LOTR. Tolkien has a section on pronunciation.

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