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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) | 357 comments This is a place where youy can add poetry, stories, or anything you write and get comments... plz be nice yall... i can find u...

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) | 357 comments Why do I care?
You wonder why I care so much
maybe it's because
I know
what it's like
to care
to be in pain
to want to help
to see through lies
and still point them out

I know what its like
to believe in something
to love others
to challenge doubt
to stand out
to need help
but refuse
with all your heart

I know what it's like
to be there
to be hurt
to need
and still go without
to hate seeing others in pain
to see a problem
and need to fix it

Too many people
have been hurt
because I just sat back
and did nothing

You make me want
to be a better person
to want to fight
not to flee
and take cover
somewhere else

So I'm sorry
but I wont stop caring so much

Now tell me...
Do you care?
Is the feeling mutual?
Or is it just me?

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i love this. it has so much.... feeling in it! its beautiful =)

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Irene (wingdesilverii) Lovely Gemini :)

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Irene (wingdesilverii) Escape.......or not?

I crept up the walk, icy needles stung my exposed hands and face as the stony bricks gouged at my knees. The silky glow from the door bathed my figure as I darted into the spiny bushes, Sara stood there dressed in a creamy yellow gown her chestnut curls obscured her face as she went back inside. Such hatred, such beauty in one girl I never thought would be possible. Slipping out of the shadows I began my approach once again, coming close enough to peer into the bay window. There they sat, Matt’s sour figure, Sara’s haughty one, their parent’s regal poses as if they were to move chaos would overtake. Maria’s form crept up the stair way, empty handed, unfed, although the table was set for an army. The green, fresh salad topped with her mom’s incredibly zesty dressing sat next to a succulent chicken; from there I saw fluffy mash potatoes, steaming gravy, baked sweet potatoes, and rosy cranberry sauce. Tearing my eyes away before I became irrational from hunger I slipped around the side of the house, into the rose garden that faced her room. As I sneaked over to find her window sobbing coming through the panes gave it away. I grabbed the trunk of the immensely huge pear tree that bore yummy fruit that we enjoyed as children. Its massive branches, covered with fresh fallen snow supported my weight as I shimmed up to the one nearest her window. Gently rapping on the pane a melancholy, tear-stained face looked up. I gave her a soft smile, gesturing for her to open the window so I could banish her sour fate and promise to rid the lonesome, labor filled days she endured. The moonlight lit my back, transforming the area into a winter wonderland as the clouds disappeared. My icy fingers gripped the sill, as she opened it enough for me to fit. Maria let a smile play in her eyes as it slowly emerged, shutting the window, banishing the light she locked her door she let her hand touch my shoulder, to prove I wasn’t a mirage.

“It’s has been to long my love.” I said softly, gently kissing her as she folded into my arms. Pulling away I continued, “Do have anything you want to take? I have parked through the woods a ways.”

She glanced to the stony walk before answering. “No, just my coat.” She pulled a ratty thing that may have been silky at one time from the wardrobe.

I smiled at her, shrugging off my coat the creamy mink fur would keep her warm and dry. “Here, now let’s go before my plan is foiled.” I placed it on her, a genuine smile forming as we slipped out the window into the tree. Her green eyes locked with mine, a straight ebony strand blew across her face. Placing it behind her ear the way she liked it I helped her down each branch. Reaching the snowy ground I grabbed her hand as we ran into the woods. At the tree line we jumped the fence, pausing for a second I heard the dogs. Pushing her over I glanced back…

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i like it. i love the way it says it's has been to long my love also.

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Irene (wingdesilverii) Thanks, I had to use a list of words in a particular order in a short writting for the challenge but the phrase you liked seem to fit him well.

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) | 357 comments i love the precise dtails on the characters feelings towards each other!!! do u write in your spare time??? if not u should because you my dear irene have some real potential as a future writer ;)

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Irene (wingdesilverii) Gemini wrote: "i love the precise dtails on the characters feelings towards each other!!! do u write in your spare time??? if not u should because you my dear irene have some real potential as a future writer ;)"

I do write, and thanks. I won't be on to reply back but I will put up my link in a second.

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) | 357 comments tkz... sorry i cant read now but i will get back on soon to give advice and/or compliments

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in visual basic, ah girl??

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Nada (naddish) | 5 comments Lost in my feelings:
Furious wild lions
Thirsty red roses.
Sun barely shines
Hands can’t reach any ropes.

Homeless dogs
Birds can’t fly.
Hungry frogs
Cloudy sky.

Confusing dreams
Disappeared daylight.
Large mountain of fears
Reaching the sky at night.

That’s how missing you feels like..

Written by: Nada Mrabet

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Nada (naddish) | 5 comments -- Addiction --

Addiction is what I call it
It runs in the veins of my heart.
Sweet suffer is how I feel it
It is the source of all arts.
Eternal and pure love is what fits,
In the puzzle of our hearts.

Sadness became my friend
Ever since I’ve known you.
It started when I reached your hand
And increased when I fell in love with you.
Every time I try to make an end
I end up more addicted to you.

Stress became my mate
Every time I miss you.
Even if I knew my fate
I’d still fall in love with you.
You unlocked my heart’s gate
And I’m grateful to you.

Happiness is what you gave me
It’s something I never knew.
You loved me, you appreciated me
You gave me something great and new.
The more we let our love be
The more it grew.

Luck is on my side
When I have you.
You’ve been the source of light
Thanking Allah is what I should do.
For our love I’ll sacrifice
And I’ll never give up on you.

Written by Nada Mrabet… a freshmen…

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Nada (naddish) | 5 comments Bless from Allah

Every day of my life
I congratulate myself
Because you are mine
I congratulate myself.

You are a bless from God
For having you I am thanking him
The bless of love
The bless I thought was forbidden.

I believe in God’s signs
I see you every where
Even in my poetry’s lines
It’s not fair.

Every thing is jealous of me
Because I have you
You sent my heart free
How can’t I love you?

The air is jealous
It’s not the only thing that touches you
The mirror is jealous
It’s not the only thing gazing you.

Lovers are jealous
I gave all the love to you
I think that even your mother will be jealous
She’s not the only one cooking for you.

How can’t they be jealous?
You are the angel of my dreams
How can’t they be jealous?
You are the one who thought me what love means.

How I feel when I am with you?
I feel jealous
That’s how strong my love is to you
Of myself, I feel so jealous.

The fifteenth of October
The day I said yes
The day I got sober
After getting drunk of sadness.

My birthday present was you
A bless from Allah
All what I have to do is to love you
And all what you have to do is to be faithful to me.

P.S.:I love you.. my only source of inspiration..

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dear agony
you took my life from me i didnt even get to say good bye
to the people i love and cared about.

dear agony
you put me threw so much and i cant take it any more . theres nothing left of my old self i once knew so let me go from your hold. i have nothing left cause of you

dear agony
i feel nothing any more cause of you i lost everything. i found the perfect end to this chapter of my life . i have suffered so much and cause of it i feel no pain i have no emotion i am hollow im just a shell of my old self.

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Alexander  | 7 comments nice

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) | 357 comments yall ish great writers XDD keep it upp

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