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If Elizabeth Bennett Had a Twitter Account!

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Kieran Kramer

I hope you'll check out my little flight of imagination on Heroes and Heartbreakers. I wondered what Pride and Prejudice would have been like if the characters had had Twitter accounts!

Elisa Santos Lizzy - That Darcy is really putting me off my rockers!

Bingley - Jane, you are so fine/ i wanna make you mine.

Caroline - Urgh have you seen what she is wearing - come on: that not even Bruges´s lace in the gown! How unfashionable.

Jane - Bingley, can we not just hold hands?

Darcy - That Lizzy is driving me insane: if i get my hands on her....

-Whickam - Ok, Cor. Forster, that litle debt is kept between us, yes?

Beebs I saw this when it was first posted. Great giggles!

Emily This is so cute! Thanks for posting :)

Meeeriams Fleep I wonder what it would be like if she had a Facebook Account!

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Kieran Kramer Thanks for all your comments! Yes, Mereworth, I've wondered that, too!

Pola Oh my God such a nice thought.. I have never thought about it! Great!

Meeeriams Fleep I saw your link Kieran, it was fabulastic, for want of a better word! I really enjoyed it, so characteristically Pride and Prejudice-ish :P

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Kieran Kramer Mereworth, I love your choice of words! Thank you so much. I'm working on Part 2 right now!! :>)

Meeeriams Fleep I can't wait to read it, it would be funny if you did a facebook one too, with pokes and things. Still, great idea :')

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Maria Retz Kieran, what a fabulous idea, I absolutely love it :)

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Kieran Kramer Thank you so much, Maria!! :>)

And Mereworth, that WOULD be so funny if they had Facebook pages!!

cindrella Great!!!!
ITs quite awesome.....
You have represented the characters so truly......
I absolutely love it

Ashley This is wonderful. :3

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Kieran Kramer Thank you, Cindrella and Ashley!!! I'd love to see you ladies on my Facebook page sometime--please stop by and say hello! We have fun! I recently put up a picture of a cape I saw at TJ Maxx and asked people to vote on the color of the one I should get, LOL!!!

Have a great weekend.

Kieran :>)

Sofia Ah!! I loved this!!! :)

Is there a second part already available?? :)

Sofia Kieran, I loved "Jane's world", so much where to read and so many interesting titles! :)

Marie (daffodilbookshelf) Kieran,
That was fun to read! You really nailed the characters!

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Kieran Kramer Hey, thanks, ladies! Sorry it took me a while to see some of these comments. Part Two will be on the way soon--I have a deadline right that's preventing me from getting it out there now. But soon.

I hope you have a wonderful 2012--and I hope you read some awesome books!!!


Sofia Yay for the second part!

And a great 2012 for you all, ladies ^.^

Tyshawn Knight This is too funny. Reading this discussion was worth going all the way back to January 2012.


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