Burned (Burned, #1) Burned question

The Ending (Spoilers Obviously)
Katiem Katiem Nov 07, 2011 04:09AM
Ok, can I get some other peoples interpretation of what happened at the end? Did she go postal and shoot up the school? Did she kill her Dad? Did she jump? All of the above?

For book that took forever to get anywhere I was so shocked at how sudden the end came. I had to read the last 3-4 pages over several times, and I still don't feel 100% certain about what happened.

I think that is the point... You have to decided that for yourself....

I believe that the magic's in the mystery. Personally, I believe that if she were to have told us what happened next, there would have been no point to the story. I like it better when books have endings like this one. Of course, it does get on my last nerve, but then, I start to wonder what would have happened next? What would I have done? Jumped? Got up and killed everyone who hurt me?

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