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Milo walked with Edward in tow, paid for a room with what little money he had, and dragged him upstairs

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He unlocked the door, pulled him inside, and violently shut it with a bang. "So, here we are..." He said, trying to decide which part of Edward to attack

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He smiled sweetly, and took him by thr hand, leading him to the bed.

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Milo grinned. "So...Yes...Im not sure how to...you know...Maybe I was too fast...Maybe I should just...back away..." The grin turned into a frown, as he firmly placed his eyes to the floor.

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"I'll...I'll just shuttup now!" He blushed, but quickly regained composure and kissed him gently as well.

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Milo pushed him against a wall, kissing down his neck seductively, running a hand through his hair. "Oh, god....you're even more gorgeous than yesterday..."

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He shivered agaisnt him, pressing closer. He took his hand out momentarily to help assist unbuttoning.

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He slid out of the sleeves, letting it fall to the floor. He set out to doing the same with Edward.

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Milo closed his eyes forcefully for a moment, as he blindly led Edward over to the bed. Opening his eyes, he pushed Edward down forcefully, climbing on top of him, and exchanging kisses.

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He kicked his shoes off, and with one hand, shimmied out of his pants. A rough tug, and Edward was looking the same.

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He moaned quite loudly, as he stripped to his undergarments. His hands traced a straight line down his chest to his hip.

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His breathing got shallow. "Oh god...Edward....Please, put me out of this torture!"

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He moaned quite loudly, and thrashed underneath him. "Uh...Huh Gah..." He tried to form words but couldnt

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He shivered and withered, pressing Edwards hands down forcefully with his own. "Shall we...?"

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"W-who should do what...?" His eyes looked eager.

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He kissed him quickly. "Do you want me to do...it...?" He slipped from under him, and pushed Edward down

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He looked down to his lower regions and began to kiss down to it, taking him into his mouth.

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He went down farther, then back up, keeping a steady rhythm. He loved the oull on his hair, and smiled despite the *object* in his mouth

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He pulled away, and replaced his mouth with his hands, much more forceful.

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He moaned softly, but kept at it, increasing the pace erratically. When he felt like Edward was nearly there, he pulled away, moving back up to kiss him.

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He kissed down his neck, slowly touching him again with his hand. "Dont...release yet, alright? We're just getting started..."

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He grabbed his ass with his free hand, and cupped it ever so slightly, while kissing all over his body in multiple places

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He arched his back, his neither regions rubbing against Edward's thigh, as the kisses deepened and progressed

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He moved away from him, positioning himself so that he was poised ever so slightly in between Edward. He took a deep breath, and pressed against him, seeking entrance. He let out a moan of tight pain, but pleasure soon took over as he continued....

...shall i skip?!?! I suck at the rest...and their isnt much to say....

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Milo laid next to Edward, gasping for breath and totally lifeless. "Damn..."

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