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Winter Rose Phantom Elundari's hammer hit the steel of the blade she was honing loudly. Sweat was settled on her brow as she wontinued to work over the heat of the flames and the blade.

Winter Rose Phantom She wiped the sweat off her brow after she cooled the blade in water and leaned back. She then decided to walk out into the cool air of the town to take some time off from her duties, she was sure one of the apprentices would take over putting the handle on the blade and such. She pulled on her town clothes and headed out into the town.

Winter Rose Phantom Out back, she could hear the whinnies of her horse, Lin Lan. She smiled and then continued towards the inner part of the town. The cool air blew her hair away from her ears, revealing that the had a slight point to them as she passed by some people.

Winter Rose Phantom She paused to look around a moment, then turned to the left and started for the central square.

Winter Rose Phantom ((Oooooh Hey hey hey, Maybe the smithery can be hiring^^))

Elundari walked around for a while and then decided to go back to the Smithery. She had to go take care of Lin Lan and ride her for a bit.

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Winter Rose Phantom ((Idk, I'll put up a sign?))

She went back to the Smithery and put up a 'hiring now' sign. They really need more help with this small place. After that she headed to the stables to take care of Lin Lan, who whinnied loudly when Elundario walked in.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) Madula made her way through the easy going and yet serious crowd of London people, feeling very much out of place. She stopped once to slip away from the sight of an inspector that had spotted her. He wasn't to catch up with her as she ran quickly down the streets, looking as if she were flying. She lost when she turned a corner and trudged into a bar of sorts. All attention was instantly turned to her, the room becoming dead silent.

Winter Rose Phantom ((^^))

Elundai was back in the Smithery by then, working on her own blade, fixing the cracks it had aquired.

Winter Rose Phantom Elundsri paused and looked out the door a moment and saw Edward.

Winter Rose Phantom She nodded, though at the moment, she was dressed as a man. "Yes, that is true. I need some help in here." She said in a low, yet somewhat feminine voice.

Winter Rose Phantom She smiled, "Good. I like you, you're hired." She said. "Now tell me, how good are you with weapons?" She asked. "Both making and using."

Winter Rose Phantom "Seems you and I have smomething in common. Yet My father had one difficulty with the course of those actions after my mother dies."

Winter Rose Phantom "I am glad you grew close with your father and I am sorry to hear about your mother." She said in a gentle tone.

Winter Rose Phantom She smiled back at him. "Now."She clapped her hands together. "Shall I give you a tour of the workplace?"

Winter Rose Phantom "alrighty, If you'd follow me I can show you where everything is." She turned to head to the hearth.

Winter Rose Phantom "This is the hearth and this..."She turned toward the Anvill wi5th the hammer on it, "is the main workstation. The coo.ling water is over there." She pointed to the tub of cooled water. " And you can just leave the weapon there so the apprentices can put the handle on the weapon fter they are done cooling."

Winter Rose Phantom She smiled, "Good. Work starts at dawn." She said. "We have to make the orders early in the morning so they're ready by dusk."

Winter Rose Phantom "Alright, so tomorrow, you officially start on payroll." she said. You'll need to get home and have some rest before you sdtart tomorrow.

Winter Rose Phantom That fact took her by a bit of a surprise, "Is that so? if you need a place to stay we have and extra room here."

Winter Rose Phantom "That settles it them, You can bunk here in the empty room."

Winter Rose Phantom "Good." She said, "That saves me the trouble of grilling you iof your late." She heard her horse whinnie in the stables.

Winter Rose Phantom She nodded, "I do."

Winter Rose Phantom She smiled, "How 'bout I sghow you to your room?"

Winter Rose Phantom She led him to an empty room, it was well furnished and looked nice on it;'s own.

(9I have to get off, Be back tomorow around lunch.())

Winter Rose Phantom "Alright."

Winter Rose Phantom ((Back))

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Milo, with a rolled up newspaper in hand, proceeded down the street to his destination. A place to look for work. He had read about it in the Papers. He sort of concluded in his mind that he couldnt survive much longer without a job, so he was setting out today to find one

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He entered a little shoppe, and found the owner. They went to a back room, where he was interviewed. A few minutes later, Milo was back outside, denied a job. He slumped to the ground on the front steps of someone's house, depressed

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"I swear to god!!!" he groaned, pulling himself up and storming off. "I cant even get a job, let alone hold one..."

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"Anything but, Angel." He said somberly. "Denied yet again for a simple part time job! What have I done to deserve this?!?! I shall be out on the street in no time!"

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"But...Is it really that obvious?!? Am I that gay?" He stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, yanking her hand back.

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He nodded a bit, yet still confused. "I see. But it hardly seems fair, just because im not like everyone else, im not the same shade of grey, thats they should discriminate against me..."

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"Then...I shall try again. And again. And again. And again, until i find a job suitable. I was just hoping that this would be it, you know?" he continued walking again

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"Ive figured. Ive been denied..." He looked down to his hands and counted. "...47 times in the last five months." He smiled though, a big cheshire grin.

((He should meet Edward!!))

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((Where is he!?!?))

"How fabulous it would be if I met a gorgeous guy right now, to be honest." He sounded totally serious

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He gave her a wink. "Agreed. But, none catch the eye at the moment." He looked at all the people passing and sighed. "I know! Lets go on a man hunt, all across London, and find Mr. Wonderful!" he said, giddy with excitement

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) Madula retreated out the door of the tavern quickly and wandered aimlessly around the streets.

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"Alright!" He took her by the arm. "Where to first?"

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He nodded, thinking that was a good idea, and began leisurely strolling with her.

((Should they like, meet up now or later...?))

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((Like, i guess you could make him run into them. You said he was at the smithery. Is he talking to someone?))

Milo looked at the semi grey sky, then back at the pavement. "Hmmm. What about him? No. Mustache looks too prickly." He shook his head. "No! Him! He has sexy arms. But, then he'll make me feel weak around him. Or that man!" He swooned, then stopped suddenly. "Uh-uh. Doesnt look...gay enough."

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He nodded in agreement. "Youre right, youre. I guess ill know when i see him...possibly..."

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He scoped out people, as he walked. No one. Not even a backward glance. "Maybe we should stop. Its seems pretty pointless to continue..."

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He was oblivious. "Well, it just seems that ill only end up disappointed. Ill only end up with nothing. Might as well stop before i truly began but I...",He looked, and followed Angel's gaze. "What are you...? Oh...!"

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Milo's eyes followed him. "He's...He's amazing! I-I...I cant POSSIBLY go up to him..No! Oh, what have I done? What have i gotten myself into? Angel..." He grasped her hand tightly.

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"But...But what if...? What if he hates me? What if he thinks im odd for approaching me!?! How do i make it not seem obvious?" His face was growing red with each passing second

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"A...A CAT?" He said, just as a dawning of understanding crossed his face. "Youre a genius!!!" He walked away, down an alley, and turned into his cat form. It always felt awkward for him to do it in public. He scampered off passed Angela's feet, towards the boy

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Milo pressed his sleek, furry body against Edward's leg, positioning his head up as to beg for him to touch it. His tail coiled around his calf with skill. It all felt amazing to him, to touch this boy in a way most people couldnt. He wondered if this man figured he was a shapeshifter, too

Winter Rose Phantom Elundari sat in the smithery for a while. She pulled her hair out of the tightly coiled bun and taken her aht off of her head. Her hair fell to her waist and she walked up the stairs to her room.

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Milo stayed in cat form, though, even though he saw the look of realization of his face. He relished in his touch, inching closer, and climbing up on his lap

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He meowed softly, which wouldve come out as a moan if he was human. Very slowly, he removed himself from Edward's body, and back to the pavement. He began to prance off, looking back as if to beckon Edward to follow

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