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Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments ((You mean the William I know?))

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments ((Ok.I was just wondering.What house is he in?))

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Shiloh curled into a ball. Her energy almost completely gone.

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Shiloh started to drift off.

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Shiloh fell asleep.

((Wanna skip a few hours?))

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Shiloh finally detached herself from dreams and started to stir awake. She had dreams about Hunter, and was unsure of what to make of that.

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Shiloh yawned and sat up. "Yeah..."

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Shiloh rolled her eyes. "Yeah that would be unattractive."

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"No... I don't think so." Shiloh said, asked she ran her hands up her body to make sure she was alive.

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Shiloh rolled her eyes. "What makes you think I'd let you fondle me?"

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"Oh yeah... that happened..." Shiloh muttered.

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Shiloh grabbed the water bottle. "What else did you do...?" She asked, raising an eyebrow as she opened the water bottle and took a sip.

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"Never mind." Shiloh said, looking away from him.

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Shiloh sighed and stood up, stumbling forward.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments Jahlia[the lovely abnix, thing 10] wrote: "Hunter was out of his seat in an instant, catching her, supporting her. "Perhaps you should sit back down."

((um..............shouldn't hudson do something at the mall? William's about to hang h..."

REALLY??!?!?!?!?!? Witnee!!!!!!!

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((Sorry, haven't really been on too see what was going on...))

"No really?" Shiloh asked, feeling her breath quicken.

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments ((I know.I sprung it on you.Or it's not that at all.))

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Shiloh gave him a look. "Thanks..."

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments ((I know.That's extreme.Really.But knowing him,it always is.))

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"Don't worry." Shiloh muttered, taking another drink.

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"Um... no." Shiloh shook her head.

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Shiloh shook her head again. "I'm still good."

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Shiloh stood up and swayed on her feet, but followed him slowly. Her head suddenly in the clouds, she felt like she was going to pass out.

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Bloodblader | 2985 comments (the whole planet starts shaking violently)

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Shiloh nodded as she took another breath of air. "How long until I don't feel like I'm going to pass out?"

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"I thought you were leading me out..." Shiloh put her free hand on her head. "You know... that's not a bad idea." She said drowsily as she passed out.

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Shiloh woke up a second later, blinking. "Oh my gosh..."

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"I'm sorry..." Shiloh sat up, shaking her head. "Okay, I'm good... I'm gone." She got up and walked towards the door.

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Shiloh turned and leaned against the door. "And if I don't tell you?" She asked.

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Shiloh titled her head. "Such a threat... I'm not sure I believe you."

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Shiloh yawned in boredom. "I guess I have too."

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Shiloh gave him a small smile and slipped passed him. "See ya later."

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Shiloh smacked him. "I won't repeat my name over and over again.

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"Eww no." Shiloh said, rolling her eyes.

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"I'm not going to tell you." Shiloh hissed, her eyes darkening a little.

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Shiloh straightened up, and walked to the door. "Shiloh." she muttered as she walked out. Her eyes on the ground.

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((Hunter you wagon weasel! Rp them again? Soon?))

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((*sigh* Want to have them meet again now? Or wait a few days?))

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((Okay.. I'm so bored...))

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((It's okay... XD))

Shiloh kissed him back, wrapping her legs around him.

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((Oh yes he's a smexy beast... hehe. I love him... XD))

Shiloh arched into him, putting her arms around his neck.

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((Haha, skip away.))

Shiloh bit her lip sitting up. Was it a dream, or did she really...? Oh she did.

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Shiloh glanced at Hunter. He looked so beautiful sleeping. She sighed and got out of the bed, searching the room for her clothes.

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((We can say they did... unless they didn't...))

Shiloh put on her clothes and then started buttoning up her blouse, she glanced at him briefly.

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((Um... *snickers* Rocky had an incubus and a dream walker... twins! Shiloh would have a fairy/incubus...*snickers louder* That would be so funny...but of course Rocky and Luke loved each other when they decided to... yeah.))

Shiloh looked away, at the ground.

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Shiloh clenched her jaw and turned to look at him, before smirking. "Really, at least one of us enjoyed it... I'm sure I would have had a better time if it would have been someone hotter."

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((*slaps Hunter across the face*))

Shiloh narrowed her gaze. "It's called acting." She said, stretching her legs. "But I do recall you saying 'Oh Shiloh, come on baby, Shiloh...Oh yeah Shi...'" She stuck her tongue out at him.

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((Haha. I can knock him out if it makes ya feel better.))

"I'm not 'your dear.'" Shiloh said rolling her eyes. "It makes you sound like an old man when you call me that. I'm not your granddaughter, so stop acting like my grandpa or I'll start calling you 'old man'."

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((Me too. They are so much fun))

Shiloh wanted to slap him across the face, but instead she remained where she was. "Oh really, a few hours ago all it didn't seem like you thought of me as an old woman."

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"Fine than, perverted creeper." Shiloh stood up, and started for the door. "See you around Old Man.... maybe. But for now, I am going to go find a mature guy to hang out with."

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