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message 1: by Gerald (new)

Gerald Prokop (geraldprokop) | 6 comments Mod
When I'm approaching a new subject, it can be difficult to search for the right books to get started. Tell us what you want to study and why, and we'll try to respond by recommending books that we think will be helpful. And if someone is wanting to study something that you know about, help them out!

message 2: by Gerald (new)

Gerald Prokop (geraldprokop) | 6 comments Mod
Issac wrote: "Hey guys I have been inactive a while but now I am serious again about reading. My goal is 50 books for the year which far surpasses my usual 10 or so books a year, but at the same time seems prett..."

Do you keep a reading journal? I find it helpful to keep a dedicated notebook to jot down notes and references while I'm reading. As far as keeping track of explicit references to earlier works, that could help. Also, if I'm reading something that's fairly well-known, I like checking out the wikipedia article because usually it will point to the roots behind it.

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