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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments ready?

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Yep sure. You wanna make your character first?

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments Sure

Name:Ethan Ra
Gender: M
Personality:take things head on kind of guy
Dream:To become the strongest mage in the world
Apperance: http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photo...

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[image error]

Name: Arianna
Gender: F
Personality: Tbrp
Age: 16

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments ((Do you want to start first?))

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((Not if you want to :*))

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments ((I really dont care but okay))

Ethan was walking to a castle when He came across a field of dead bodys"Must have been some kind of battle he thought has he walked threw it"

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments ((Ups thats the name I use in Most roleplays ill fix that.))

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((Oh. Okay.))

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments ((Your turn. :P))

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A scream sounded somewhere near by Ethan. A girl in a yellow dress could be seen being beaten by thieves.

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments Ethan made vines shoot up from the earth.Wrapping around there bodies untill it was up to there necks.Ethan walked over calmly has the guys cursed at him asking who he was."Honestly it`s not deceant to gang up on a lady."he said stoping right next to one of them."you allright?"He asked the girl.

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She winced and coughed before mouthing no and collapsing. Her dress was torn,her hair was matted and she was thoroughly cut and bruised.

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments Ethan looked at her then finally noticed how bad she was.Panicking"Hey!Dont die on me!"he said and beagn to treat her wounds."

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She coughed harder. "Thanks. I'll try not to." she said sarcastically.

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments "It`s not my forte but i gotta try!"he mubled to himself.Then put his hands over her chest and began reciting a weird language.Her wound veerrry slowly healed.

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Her coughing smoother and her pain eased.

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments "Better?"he asked Wraping her Wounds up

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She pushed herself on to her elbows and stared out at him. "Uh yeah. Thanks....um..."

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments "Ethan and you?"he asked tilting his head to the side like a curious animal.

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"Arianna," she replied.

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments He kept his head tilted

((what type of person is she? princess, warrior, towns person, traveler, etc))

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((Hmmm....ooo! what about princess learning to be warrior.....))

She laughed slightly. "What are you doing?"

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments ((that sounds nice))

"What is a girl of your class doing hear?"

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"Almost being killed," she answered curtly her eyes shifting to the men.

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments "well what do you want to do with them?"

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((Let me reword that))

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments ((let me reward mine))

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Ariannna slowly stood and brushed off her miraculously untorn dress. She surveyed the boys. "Leaving them there a while sounds nice"

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments Ethan got up"so..."his face still looking at her like a strange animal.

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"Why are you looking at me like that?" she asked curiously.

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments "you dont belong here do you?"he asked seeing something was different.Infact no matter how much he looked at her she seemed like someone outside there world.

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"What do you mean here?" she asked studying him now.

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments ((isnt she a princess warrior?))

"like hmm...like you belong in a castle?"he said sracting his head his third since telling him something.

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"Well no. I don't. How did you figure that out?"

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments "First your dress stands out of it being expensive.Then your hair is still show signs of being well treated something a poor person couldnt pay for.Lastly your face is a bit banged up but its still stands out with how pretty it is"he said blushing a minute after notcing what he said

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Arianna blushed. "Um thank you,"

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments "It was nothing"his eyes avoiding hers"So my third eye is telling me that your a...princess"he said having trouble with the last word.thinking it was too impossible.

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Arianna nodded. "Yes. Even though.." she sighed. "I would rather be a knight then anything.

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments In his head hee had a perfect picture of what would happen if he luaghed seeing him get punched in it he decided not too"so is that why your at this battle feild?"

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"Eh no." she pointed to the men. "They can be blamed for that one."

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments "They brought you here?"he asked a hint of andger in his voice

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She nodded. "Yes. Bargaining chip."

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments "what were they going to bargan you for?"

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"Power. They captured me so my father would give over the kingdom."

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments ((sorry there was trouble saving the coment earlyier))

he made the vines tighten on the guys"what country do you come from?"

((just make something up))

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"Alleble." she said proudly. "Far far away."

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Smalz!! (doublerainbowalltheway) | 235 comments "Yea ive know of it."this is gonna be a hard journey probrably he thought to himself"i just have one question what do you wanna be when you grow up?"

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She thought a moment and pulled a sword from the folds of her skirt. "Hmmmm. I don't know. Ruling my country is a fun honor but...adventure seems to draw me more."

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