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Would you do ANYTHING for the one you love?

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Jaimies_bookshelf At the end of the book when Chris gets on the stand to tell his side of the story and we finally hear what REALLY happened, how did you feel about it? Would you have done the same thing? Do you feel that the outcome was accurate based on the facts?

Jessica I was not putt off by Chris's sacrifice. I certainly think it's a controversial decision- one that could be looked at either way but it was clear that Emily was not happy, at all, and she would have found some way to end her life. To be there with someone she loved and trusted is probably the best gift Chris could have given her.

He knew that he would have to live with the consequences and the aftereffects of something so traumatic but he also knew that he couldn't see someone he loved so deeply suffer that way.

I don't believe in suicide but this issue was handled rather beautifully in my opinion.

Jaimies_bookshelf I agree, Jessica. Chris was able to put his own thoughts, needs and wants to the side and focus on what Emily really wanted which in this case was death. But, he was able to be there until the very end with her, just as she wanted. I was a bit surprised that she hadn't spoken to Chris about what would happen after, as I'm sure it would be nearly impossible for her to not think about the aftermath for the one she loved.

As you said, I think that it was handled well and was a darker view of a love story.

Amanda What we have to remember is that these characters are teens. I think this is important when we ask if one would do ANYTHING for love. The story of Romeo and Juliet is not a new one, and this was a good take on the story-at least one of the characters survived. Remember, Chris was also supposed to kill himself, so there would have been 'nothing to talk about' so to speak. Was it fair of Chris to allow Emily to think he would go through with something that he never really considered doing? Was that love or selfishness?

Jessica I think it was love. Personally, I find choosing death over enduring life's trials a bit selfish and whether Chris killed himself or not, Emily was determined to go through with it in some shape, way, or form.

Chris may have impulsively thought of following in Emily's footsteps, joining her wherever souls go, but I think he had a better grasp on the bigger picture and realized his need to stay and see it through. Is that really selfish? I don't think so. He never truly wanted to die... he just always wanted what Emily wanted.

Heather Salsbury For me, I've gone back and fourth with this in my head. I don't think I've ever had a book truly like this one that had got me so...I don't want to say messed up, but thoughtful maybe.
I think Emily was going through a lot, yes. But, to ask someone you love to do that is a horrible thing to do, and selfish on her part. No one wants to live miserably, but that's when you find away to change things, not end it. But, if someone I loved like Chris loves Emily came with the same plan I think you already go into stages of grieving, denial, anger, but it all comes to accepetence. I think somewhere deep down Emily wanted Chris to say it's ok, but if he knew the entire story there is no way he would've let it happen. She didn't only kill herself, but her baby and his baby.

WOuld I be able to do this? I don't think so. I'm to much of an emotional person as it is, and the thought of erasing someone completly out of this world horrifies me. To think that one shot, one instant can mess up someones entire life...But I do think it was a wonderfully written story, that many needed to hear. It's one of those books that makes adults along with children stop and think.

Nattaporn I'd do what is right and the best for that person. Which mean for their own good. There's always a solution, one way or another. I'd do everything to keep them safe and sound.

Jayne-Marie Barker It was a risky subject but the author covers it neatly and manages to create a heart-felt story. I could barely put this down and read it in record time.

Naheel I don't believe in suicide, but I would never ask the only person who I trust and love to do something that horrible. Even if I were miserable and my life seemed ruined, I wouldn't drag that person down with me. From my point of view, I think Emily's act was pretty selfish and whatever Chris did is considered as utter boldness. At least he was brave enough to endure that kind of stress and affection going on the stand by himself as a last minute decision.

Becky Oh my dear God, I love this book so much. There was so much love and emotion between these two kids AND between the two families. I think that it would've been "nicer" if Chris could've gotten her some help but things don't always work out perfectly in life. I think he did the best he could considering his age and feelings.

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It depends on what my lover would want if its something like Emily wanted then I wouldn't I couldnt lose the one I love

Tania oh now thts one question i always ask myself and fortunately i cant do die for anyone becaue unfortunately i havent found the love of my life but then again

if i had a lover of my life and i truly love this person then i dont think i would let them die so yes i would die for them because without them in my life there is no point living because i will be alive but dead .

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Kathryn I agree that Emily was being a bit selfish, however, as someone pointed out, she is a teenager and teenagers aren't always rational.

I doubt I would want to exist in a world without my love, but I've never been in a situation like Picoult has created, so who's to say what I would do.

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Kat As someone who suffered from teenage depression, and still struggle with it in my late 20s, I can speak from personal experience when I say that bringing my boyfriend with me never entered my mind. I suffered with it on my own until I finally went to my parents and got help. And I think that's what Emily should have done too. No one needs to feel that way, and her wanting Chris to do it with her was incredibly selfish. Do I empathize? Absolutely. Do I agree with what she did? Not at all. It all comes down to a personal preference, I guess.

Andrew Herren This was a great book because I thought it put a different spin on what we always thought was the ultimate question, "would you die for me?" This book took it one step further and asked "I know you would die for me, but will you kill me?"
I'm much older now, but I still clearly remember just how intense my emotions were at that age. Trust me when I say that WILL level out. I feel lucky to have survived!

Mandy The saddest part for me was Emily unable to discuss her demons with anyone. She was haunted by the assault in the bathroom and her feelings towards Chris turning into that of a sibling rather than boyfriend girlfriend. I dont think I could have done it.

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Hoda Marmar Back when I read the novel, I thought that yes, one must sacrifice for the love of his life, etc... Now, I'm not so sure.

Gregoria Covarrubias I so hated the who cares that he shot her...I was seriously mad that there was so little to her being weak


Roxanne Jaimie wrote: "At the end of the book when Chris gets on the stand to tell his side of the story and we finally hear what REALLY happened, how did you feel about it? Would you have done the same thing? Do you fee..."

I do. In fact, I think the actual 'story' of what happened was the most believable. What I wanted, though, was for Melanie to admit what she had read in Emily's diary. That was a hole, IMHO.

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Megan Blosser Roxanne wrote: "I do. In fact, I think the actual 'story' of what happened was the most believable. What I wanted, though, was for Melanie to admit what she had read in Emily's diary. That was a hole, IMHO.

I agree. This really upset me and I couldn't get past it. I found her character pretty unsympathetic throughout the book, and this act left her un-redeemable.

Heather Jessica says to remember these charaters are teens. That's important. Adults know how to handle their depressed friends differantly. We know victim support group, other friends they can talk to... Teens just don't have the life experiance, nor the wisdom that comes w/ age. Sorry, you don't. We all do stupid things for love, though. I would be more apt to commit the crime covered in another of Picoult's novels, and cover up a crime a my child has committed. Unless, my loved one is terminally ill and asked me.

Julie Taking a life is never the answer no matter how much pain the other person is in. I'm sad that Chris didn't tell adults who could have helped her find therapy...

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I would do anything for the person I love.

Jayne Sergent I would like to think I would do anything for the person I loved, but I couldn't really know until I faced that situation. I think of their situation the same as a spouse asking for life support never be used. I would want to honor my partner's wish, but I have no idea if I COULD.
As an RN with psychiatric experience and a history of depression, I can tell you that a truly suicidal person can't think of anything but ending the pain. What we think we would do really doesn't apply here, in my opinion. Not only was Emily a teen, but she was also in love with the only person she felt she could be truthful with, Chris. Her request came from fear and the wish not to leave Chris alone in the world after she was gone. I didn't see her as any more selfish than any other teen. I believe she would have been in too much emotional pain to consider the effects of her suicide on her family or anyone else. Chris was not suicidal but he did love her, and he paid a terrible price for surviving. His act took a lot of courage.
This is my favorite Picoult novel. Brilliantly written.

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