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Arash Hello Viskanta Readers followers,

I just finished reading "Into the Wild" by Jon Krakauer. The story is about a young man named Chris McCandless, as known as Alex, who decided to leave his hometown because of his family problems and the arguments between him and his father. He went to different places, but Alaska was the oddest one. He struggled a lot while he was in Alaska, and he ended up dying in a school bus because of starvation.

After a year, Krakauer, the author, traveled to Alaska to experience Chris's life in Alaska. He was not struggling as much as Chris because he had three of his friends with him, and they were almost together at all time, and always had each other's back.
Overall, I liked the book, and the story was kind of juicy.


message 2: by Pat (new) - rated it 4 stars

Pat I really like all Krakauer's books. "Into Thin Air" is my favorite but this one and "Under the Banner of Heaven" are both great and fascinating, too.

thewanderingjew I found "Into Thin Air" to be very sad. A young man died needlessly. I was disturbed by the fact that he was so "lost" and no one could really help him find "peace" within himself.
"Under The Banner of Heaven" was also disturbing. Fanatics or extremists, in any group, are dangerous.

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Blaine Ham I have this book is very good

Hannah I loved this book. I knew Chris was going to die but i still felt a big lose when he did

Jane I really enjoyed this book as well as other Jon Krakauer is a really fine writer and chronicler of true stories and tragedies. I have yet to read Into Thin Air but I did see the movie so I am sure the book will be even better. Into the Wild was a sad but really interesting story and the movie was pretty well done as well. I have highly recommended this book to my friends and family members.

Lorraine I read Into Thin Air really quickly and liked it a lot. What was so sad about the story is that Krakauer explained that if the young man had had a better map, he would have seen that if he had walked up-stream a mile or so, there was a cable with a bucket high up in the trees over the swollen river, and he would have been able to walk out and get back to civilization.

message 8: by Don (new) - rated it 3 stars

Don The book helped me to understand what drives a person like McCandless to seek a "back to the basics" experience. I also love the outdoors, but there was a definite difference between myself and a person like McCandless. Whereas I love to experience the pleasures and hardships of the outdoors, my experiences are always subject to a reality check and governed by wisdom. As such, my appreciation is deepened even more. However, the impression I developed of McCandless is that he was enthralled with a fantasy image of nature... even to a point that I would call "nature worship." Unfortunately, his pursuit to immerse himself into his fantasy cost him his life. Very sad.

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