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How did Hermoine come to Hogwarts if her parents are muggles?
Payal Naresh Payal Nov 06, 2011 04:58PM
Isn't it weird how a girl, with parents who aren't wizards, found out about Hogwarts?

I am pretty sure that it is stated in one of the books that when a Muggle-born is accepted to Hogwarts, someone from the school delivers their letter personally and explains the situation to the child and the parents. I believe for Hermoine, it was Professor McGonagall that informed Hermoine and her parents about her gift.

Have you read the books? She's a muggle born. Hogwarts sent a person with her letter in the first book

She came by train. Duh.

Lily Evans is muggle born.
This question is sad.

poster of this question... please re-read the books! it will clear up your confusion.

When a muggle born is accepted to Hogwarts they receive the Hogwarts letter from McGonagall just like everyone else.

That actually was stated how muggle borns came about.

When a magical child is born their name automatically appear on a list at Hogwarts.

Someone from the school goes to the child's home and explains to the parents all about it, I believe this is mentioned in the deathly hallows when Lily found out she was a witch and going to Hogwarts.

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She was recruited. I don't remember the passage, but she refers to someone informing her parents of her skills.

I think Rowling really kinda messed up not giving at least a semi-detailed description of Hermione's parent's. From what she does say her mom seems kinda jumpy and I can't imagine that she would take the fact that her daughter is part of a secret group of people that were basically practicing witchcraft, in a way. I know it also seems like her parents always supported her in what she does but I mean it would be nice to know how her parents took it when they discovered Hermione was a witch.

I guess Hagrid kind of messed up when he didn't tell Harry how to get through the barrier to the platform, haha. Whoever explained things to Hermione and her parents must have been a bit less forgetful =P

How did hogwarts know Hermione was gifted?

Louisa I didn't think it was birth I thought it was when they showed magical ability like Harrys hair always growing long again just after it had been cut. B ...more
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Dumbledore knows when a child is gifted.He was bound to know about Hermoine even though her parents were non magic folk.Harry was living with muggles but he got to Hogwarts.

She found out like harry did with the letter that is sent to them to let them know about Hogwarts

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ok, this is harry potter, the answer to everything is "magic". Nuff said. Like the idiot girl who once asked me how their suitcases, trunks etc got to their bedrooms. They're wizards, its magic.

Louisa Not magic its house elves- thats explained in one of the books (: ... the house elves use magic though :P
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I bet her ancestors were probably wizards.. who knows?

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