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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Woollven (jwoollven) | 15 comments Mod
Summarize the plot of your book.

message 2: by Katie Ridgway (new)

Katie Ridgway | 21 comments A woman is hired to write a biography for a famous author. The author is dieing, she has a twisted life and this will be the first time she tells the truth about what has happened.

message 3: by Jean Doan (new)

Jean Doan  | 22 comments he goes to war at the age of 15, gets captured and put in a pow camp. he gets an offer to switch sides and takes it so he can get out the camp. They start going up stream on a steam boat to fight the Indians.

message 4: by Marcus Wimbley (new)

Marcus Wimbley | 27 comments The plot of my book, is the history of Islam and terrorism, and what we must do to stop the spread of radical Islam

message 5: by Aj Martinez (new)

Aj Martinez | 9 comments well my book is about fathers that dont live with their child. It teaches you about depression, anger, and ways for you to spend time with your children.

message 6: by Tiyanna (new)

Tiyanna  Dozier | 23 comments There is a Psycho killer/rapist on the the loose(the butcher). Detective Alex Cross and his Partner Sampson are trying to catch him before he kills again.

Brittney Hicks  | 23 comments There isnt really a plot to my book because my book consist of three short stories.

message 8: by Michael (new)

Michael  (michaelshort) | 20 comments My book is about a guy that goes to war when he is 15 because he wants to get away from his home. He gets captured while in service and taken to a prisoner of war camp. They come and offer the camp to join their side and in a bonus they get out of the camp, get new clothes, and weapons. After him and several others get out they start heading north up the river on a steam boat into the cold new territory.

Kaitlyn Sughrue | 14 comments My book is showing how people who are "supposed" to be so much alike (i.e. Identical Twins) can be so different and live such parallel lives.

message 10: by Manuel Maldonado (new)

Manuel Maldonado | 25 comments The plot is that T.J is very good high school basketball player who gets caught up in some trouble that he has to over come. Until he meets this person who helps him out.

message 11: by Cindy Jaimes (new)

Cindy Jaimes | 16 comments The plot of my book is about never underestimating yourself and to keep trying no matter what gets in your way.

message 12: by GilbertGarza (new)

GilbertGarza (grok04) | 15 comments A kids older brother is in this gang called the scorpions. and the kid is trying to become the leader for protection. at the end he becomes the leader

message 13: by Yareli DePaz (new)

Yareli  DePaz | 24 comments The plot of my book is, if someone abuses you physical, verbal or how ever to look for help because you are not alone and someone cares about you.

Elizabeth Rodriguez | 27 comments A scam artist Packy Coogan Noonan who's been in prison for cheating investers out of milllions has just been released after serving his time of 12 yrs. Is now on the hunt to get back the $80 million that is stashed in a tree and on it's way to New York to be displaced. Packy has to figure out how to get back his money & the tree before it's gone.

message 15: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 14 comments the plot of my book
is about a 14-year-old Susie Salmon, she is already in heaven. This was before milk carton photos , she tells us; back in 1973, when Susie mysteriously disappeared, people still believed these things didn't happen.In the sweet, untroubled voice of a teenage girl, Susie relates the awful events of her death and her own adjustment to the strange new place she finds herself. It looks a lot like her school playground, with the good kind of swing sets.
With love, longing, and a growing understanding, Susie watches her family as they cope with their grief, her father search for the killer, her sister undertakes a feat of amazing daring, her little brother builds a fort in her honor and begin the difficult process of healing.

message 16: by Jonny Drass (new)

Jonny Drass | 17 comments The plot of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone is that the main character Harry is trying to avenge his parents by finding out who killed them and make sure that he doesn't do anymore harm to anyone else. While doing this he is learning how to become a better wizard with his best newly found friends Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley.

message 17: by Betsy Miranda (new)

Betsy Miranda | 22 comments The plot of "The things they carried" is based on the protagonist, Tim O'Brien, whom describes his experince in Vietnam. Throughout the book the same characters reappear in various stories. Explaining a series of events including what led him to Vietnam in the first place.

message 18: by Mary Ann Munoz (new)

Mary Ann Munoz | 24 comments The plot of my book is that the main character goes to Paris to get rich but ends up fighting all three musketeers. They all end up being friends and he tries to prove to them that he should be a musketeer.

message 19: by NicholasRequejo (new)

NicholasRequejo | 17 comments An interview with a vampire is about a human turned vampire learning how to exist as one. In the second part Louis the vampire wants to find out where vampires came from. In the third part of this book I am assuming it is going to be about life in a vampire clan. (I am currently reading the third part and Louis did find a family of vampires at least this is what it appears to be)

message 20: by Carolina Reyes (new)

Carolina Reyes (carolinareyes) | 25 comments Jonas never thought that there was more then what his community did but ones becoming the new giver he began to think of ways to get people to know about this. No one was on his had expect his mentor.

message 21: by Vincent Mojica (new)

Vincent Mojica | 21 comments its about a man who has a special high tech submarine an has to sneak into us waters with out being noticed. but has problems along the way with person lives in his life passing away.

message 22: by Linda Flores (new)

Linda Flores (lindaflores) | 12 comments A critical care nurse has been in the intensive care unit for 8 years and in this book she wants to narrate real-life medical stories experienced by nurses across the country.

message 23: by Joseph (new)

Joseph (atx_jojo) | 10 comments its about a author who is on the front lines of war, with half the training the marines got and sticking with them throughout the war

message 24: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Ramirez (k_dazzleryahoocom) | 4 comments a young girl who is finding out who she is is and who eveyone else wants her to be

message 25: by Phillip Miles (new)

Phillip Miles | 24 comments My books summary is Coach K and his whole coaching career, since he was 8 years old to now while hes coaching the best players in the league and Duke.

message 26: by Jacob lindegren (new)

Jacob lindegren | 30 comments my book is about a young man uncovering the truth behind a plot of a old legend trying to be unraveled

message 27: by Stefon (new)

Stefon (stefonjones) | 18 comments The plot of my book is a young black kid moving to the suburbs, and he ends up going to an all white school, but he makes friend with one of them and he wants to know how to play better and mike knows the game better than any one and he sees his friends potential and teaches him his moves to make him a better player.

message 28: by Rashad miller (new)

Rashad miller | 22 comments The plot of my book is that the main character lives in Los Angles,and she is being targeted by the dark forces of the Atrox.Her power is to read peoples minds is the key they need in order to turn the Daughter of the Moon into Followers.

message 29: by Larue (new)

Larue | 12 comments The plot of my book is that Huck and Jim a runaway slave, both are trying to get away from there homes because are mistreated very badly in these places.so They team up and ride on the Mississippi to freedom and peace.

message 30: by Casey espinoza (new)

Casey espinoza | 11 comments The plot of the color purple is Celie, the narrator she is a poor, uneducated, and a fourteen-year-old black girl living in rural Georgia. Celie starts writing letters to God because her father, Alphonso, beats and rapes her. She has 2 kids by him, and he sells them for money. Celie gave birth to a girl, whom her father stole and presumably killed in the woods. Celie has a second child, a boy, whom her father also steals right out of her arms. Celie's mother becomes seriously ill and dies because she was so depressed. Alphonso brings home a new wife but continues to abuse Celie, and tries to abuse her young sister Nettie after Celie leaves to get married. Alphonso force her to get married with a guy named Albert who really liked Nettie.

Ismail menasterly | 18 comments the plot of m story is for eragon going to see the vardan who are rebels and they will go and fight the evil king galbatorix.

message 32: by Kianna (last edited Nov 05, 2008 07:58AM) (new)

Kianna | 18 comments The plot of my book is that a father name Tom Redmond gets the ultimate wake-up call when his daughter is kidnapped.He will do anything to find his missing daughter,including kidnapping the U.S.Senator he believes abducted her.

message 33: by Alandra (new)

Alandra | 6 comments The Plot of Ink Exchange:

A girl gets a tattoo that ties her to a dark court of the faery world. At the end she chooses to burn off the tattoo and free herself for the first time.

message 34: by Ben Ontiberos (new)

Ben Ontiberos (beno) | 27 comments Guy Montag is a fireman who has obtained the position of burning books but comes to realization that books are the way to life, knowledge is necessary and vital.

message 35: by Laurysa Duran (new)

Laurysa Duran | 18 comments The plot of my book is during the summer, a high school boy named John,who is the high school "hottie" starts to like Hero, but she keeps on ignoring him. Then John ends up humiliating Hero since she doesn't like him. After he succeeds, Amber, Geena, Hero, and all of the other girls John has humiliated start to get revenge.

message 36: by Ben Ontiberos (new)

Ben Ontiberos (beno) | 27 comments This is a story of a young boy and his trials and tribulations through the duration of his stay at a mental hospital.

message 37: by JoeyShaw (new)

JoeyShaw | 13 comments The main character and his brother make money without giving profit to the "big boss" which ends up in a street war

message 38: by Michael (new)

Michael  (michaelshort) | 20 comments My book Wind on the River is about a fifteen year old boy who signs up for the civil war to get away from his parents who kept him in a cage. During his time in the military he gets captured when his platoon gets attacked. He later switches sides as a "Galvanized Yankee".

message 39: by Terron Ross (new)

Terron Ross | 16 comments A kid warp to alternate dimensions by a mystical jewel to recreate and help the past.

message 40: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan | 19 comments My plot starts within my main characters family and their anger. Destined to have a lot of anger that my main character Bo can't control ends up landing him in jail. While in jail he finds his true passion that will help him escape his troubled life and ultimately keep him out of trouble.

♪♫3rik  ♪♫ | 24 comments my plot of my book is a story of a young boy that tries to get better fishing skills than his father

message 42: by Dulcemoncada (new)

Dulcemoncada | 10 comments So far the plot of *Twilight* is about a girl who moved to her dads hometown because her mother remarries. She meets new friends but there is one in particular person who caught her eye. He's very strange to her but she can't help it but to fine out more about him. Oh yeah and he himself can't stay away from her.

message 43: by Lucy (new)

Lucy | 18 comments The plot of my book is basically about one of the most famous and wealthiest person around right now. Oprah's life seems so different when you actually read about her past and present.

message 44: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda | 10 comments The plot of my book, is about a girl named Leslie, she wants to get her first tattoo but she cant find the right one. Until her friend Rabbit (tattoo artist) shows her a book fill of people's personal drawings. The one with a set of eyes, wing and knot work calls to her. But she will be bound to the fairy that drew it, but she doesn't know it, and it might be too late.

Lawrence Christopher  | 15 comments the plot is a young man walking under a bridge get stolen shoes dropped on his head not knowing they are stolen he puts them on and get caught and get sent to boot camp where he break the family curse and find treasure all at the same time

message 46: by Mariela Munoz (new)

Mariela Munoz | 23 comments Story about a young, 16 year old girl names Hope who has lived with her aunt, Addie, her whole life because her birth mother, who is a waitress, didn't’t want the responsibility of a baby at the time she was born. She has never met her father and she often thinks about what it would be like to have a father and fill him in on her life by showing him the scrapbooks she has made over the years. Hope, who is a waitress, and Addie, a cook, have lived in many different places across America. They decide to move to Mulhoney, Wisconsin right before the end of Hope’s sophomore year in high school to work at a diner called Welcome Stairways, which is owned by a man named G.T. Stoop, who has leukemia.
Many people are apprehensive about voting for him though because his health is bad and they don’t know if he will be able to handle all the work the mayor has to do, while also trying to battle leukemia.
G.T. Stoop held his office as mayor for a couple years before his cancer came back and he got very sick. He could no longer hold on and passed away. By this time, Hope was graduating from high school and both her and Braverman were going off to different colleges. Her last day working at the diner was filled with mixed emotions and she wrote under the counter the same things she always writes when she leaves a place, “Hope was here.” This time was different for her though as she wasn’t leaving for good. She would be coming back because this was her home now.

message 47: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas | 5 comments the plot of the book is that one of the characters knows some things that are not supposed to be known and some one is making sure that she doesn't leave alive with that type of information and this is the governors daughter

message 48: by Justice Snoddy (new)

Justice Snoddy | 17 comments When Eargon Finishes his battle at the begining of the book he goes of to face the Empires forces through out the book he goes on political missions and battles to unify Alagaesia and free its people. At the same time he has to finish his training as a dragon rider.

message 49: by Lizbeth (new)

Lizbeth  (lizbethvillanueva) | 23 comments I think the plot is about Darcey going to school telling Hakeem her boyfriend and Tarah and Cooper her best friends. That her parents are getting back into there marriage again and is moving for more space.

message 50: by Rex Hamilton (new)

Rex Hamilton | 13 comments My book is fast food nation, and the basic plot is that to show how some of the most famous names in the fast food game got started. Also its shows the evils behind the fast food business.

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