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Stephanie OK, so now that we are about 75% in, what do you think of the story and it's characters? Who is the strongest character?

I'm finding it interesting that each character, in some way, in responsible for the turmoil that we are experiencing, and, I'm guessing, will continue to experience until the end of the book. Trying not to get to comfortable with things lest I get disappointed.

Questions for Discussion

1] What did you think about the conversation between Galahad and Morgaine? I have had similar conversations with my students in trying to get them to see the other side of a situation without going against what they have been taught. Did Morgaine handle this conversation (and, later the one with Nimue) in an appropriate manner? Would you have done anything differently, if so, what?

2] What are some of Niniane's strengths? What are some of her weaknesses? How do these play out as the Lady of the Lake?

The more I read the more I realize the many reasons it took Bradley so long to write this book. Often I am stopping to refresh my knowledge of the Arthurian legend and tales of chivalry and I am often going back and rereading passages of these text, my notes from college or, like yesterday, poems like "The Lady of Shalott". This book is pretty intense. I'm interested to see how Bradley will play out the rest of the legend and am itching to watch the movie (it's no longer on Netflix as a streaming movie, but I've put it in my queue).


Catherine (catsmeeow) I have been doing the same thing! As I read through the book, I keep having to dig into more research about the Arthurian legend. I'm excited to watch the movie too!

I really do love this story and my favourite character is still Morgaine. She seems to be one of the characters that is both strong willed and level headed.

I also kind of like Morgause too, even though I really disliked her at the beginning of the book. She made me laugh when she made an underhand jab at Gwen about Lancelot: "Ah, but I had forgotten, you are so pious a lady, you look never on the beauty of any man save your own wedded husband." It's pretty awesome that she's able to rule her kingdom and completely flaunt her younger interests in a fairly public manner.

1) I thought Morgaine handles both conversations with the children in a fairly good manner. She dispels myths about her faith and stops herself from saying negative things about their mother, focusing instead on the positives, such as Viviane, the Lady of the Lake.

In the talk with Nimue, Morgaine takes a more hard-line approach against Father Griffin and his beliefs, but Nimue is going to become a priestess and therefore she has to start letting go of how she was brought up. From the talk with Galahad, it seemed that Nimue already desired many of the things she was going to learn as a priestess, so it did not seem cruel of Morgaine to start training her to not be ashamed of her own body or constantly feeling as if she had sinned. In addition, Morgaine helped her come to terms with leaving home and tried hard to convince Nimue that she wasn't being sent away for having sinned. Morgaine reassured Nimue that her mother still loved her very much. I think I would have done the same if I were Morgaine.

2) Niniane's strengths seem to be her deep faith in the ways of the Goddess. Her weakness seems to be her unsureness in her own abilities, especially when compared to Morgaine. To me, this seems like it would be a frustrating dichotomy to live with a the Lady of the Lake.

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