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Call~Me~Rose (oswaldslostinwasteland) | 33 comments Mod
Tell us about your Out Reaches, we'd love to here about them! plus! I like to CHEER UZ ALL ON! WOOHOO!

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When I was in 4th grade, I told a friend about how Christ died on the cross, and how he can accept Him as the Savior and receive His grace. I hope he understood and asked Jesus to save him, because I'm not sure if he did or not. But we just need to pray for him, and all the other lost souls in the world.

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That's great, Julie!

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Call~Me~Rose (oswaldslostinwasteland) | 33 comments Mod
YAY! people! i need to work on this group more, not just let it sit here..............hhmmmm........

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