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If you're traveling outside than this is your place. You can go to a mall, movie theather, cafe and be a regular person.

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Brooke walked with Adam happily

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Brooke turned to face him "everything alright?" she asked

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"yes I am actually" Brooke said

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"of course I'm already 106 years old" Brooke replied and wiped his tear

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((she not crying he was and she wiped HIS tear))

She hugged back "I wasn't crying"

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She laughed "blonde moment?"

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Broke landed ontop o him and smiled while she laughed

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Brooke jumped out of the way quickly

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Her foot was sol in the way and it got ran over but Brooke shrugged and popped it back into place wih a series of painful sounding cracks and pops

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"yup" she said

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"where ever" she replied

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Brooke giggled "I hope you don't kind getting a bit dirty" she said with the idea of her favorite place to go

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"good, now I may be pretty and all but km one of he biggest rednecks you'll ever meet tk the mud pit it is"

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She smiled an walked toward it

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