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Second book released and selling well. Yay!

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Mandi Tillotson | 41 comments Hi there. Just wanted to share that my second book has just been released on kindle and is already doing quite well. My first book comes up #1 when you search kids kindle book on amazon and has 34 great review. Thank you to those of you that reviewed it for me on here. :o) Here is a link to my second book if any of you would be willing to click the link and hit LIKE I would greatly appreciate it and let me know and I'll do the same for you as well. :o) I really helps alot in search results as does tags.

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Mandi Tillotson | 41 comments Here is my search link. My first book is #1 searching all departments out of almost 9,000 results. :o) I appreciate the support on this board too.

Also, here is a link to my blog I have just started if you care to follow. Mortimer is going places...jump on board. ;)

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