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((love it :) ))

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Scarlet walked in trying to drag her bag with her. She was kind of nervous and wasn't sure what to expect from her room mate. When she finally managed to push the bag in, she looked up and took in the room. Her face broke out into a grin. Looks like her room mate has already been here. "Hey, atleast I know she has a good taste," she thought to herself.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) Thalia was sitting on her bed, reading a magazine. She was wearing a simple white summer dress, as white as her hair. She spotted Scarlet and smiled. "You must be my roomate," she said, her French accent thick as she set down the magazine.

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Startled, Scarlet turned to see that her room mate was already here and had just spoken to her. She looked nice enough. "Uh..umm... bonjour? Sorry, I noticed your French accent, and I wanted to make you feel comfortable. I took French lessons back in the days, but I'm not very fluent. And yah, I'm Scarlet. Nice to meet you."

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) "Thalia. Nice to meet you too. I got used to speaking English," she said, jumping down from her bunk.

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"Cool!" Scarlet replied. Well, I see you already got settled in, she said, glancing around once again, "It's amazing! Now, I have to unpack. Do you already have your schedule and stuff?"

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) "No, I should go get it, or at least found out how to. Do you?"

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Scarlet held up her folder full of papers. "I was freaking out and decided to be extra prepared," she said turning kind of red, "I heard many rumors of stuff from around here, including the haunted room we're next to... with Aurora and Spencer... Aren't they scared?"

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"Didn't someone die there or something last year? In a murder?" she asked, "Uh.. not that I really believe in ghosts or anything..."

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) "I never heard of that. But I don't believe in ghosts anyway. You die, you die," she said, shrugging and pushing her flute case to the side.

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"Yah... Ok, now I have to unpack," Scarlet said pushing her bag towards her bed. She took out her ipod and stuck the ear plugs in her ear. Music always calmed her down.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) Thalia nodded and sat on a purple bean bag chair, grabbing her flute, and fixing the broken key she's been trying to get at.

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