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Self-Publish or Traditional Publisher?

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Joey O'Connor (joeyoconnor) | 12 comments Mod
As the author of 19 books, all my books have been published by large and medium-sized publishers.

I'm now in deep self-publishing as well and well-versed in the pro's and cons.

If you're going to submit to a traditional publisher, your proposal is the most important element to securing a book contract. On my blog, I offer a number of excellent writing resources.

Here are two posts you may find useful:

1. Write a Winning Book Proposal: http://www.joeyo.org/2011/09/write-a-...

2. 9 Solid Steps for Writing the Perfect Book Proposal http://www.joeyo.org/2011/02/writing-...

Do you want to self-publish or go with a traditional publisher?

I'd love your thoughts and comments.

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Marita Hansen (maritaahansen) | 3 comments I didn't send my book to any publishers, though I did consider it, but due to time constraints with not knowing which country I was going to be in next year I chose to self-publish. I had it professionally edited, so the quality is tight.

So far things are going well, I'm getting the right types of reviews, plus I've been approached by organisations that want to help promote my book. The reason being is my book is a very New Zealand story and organisations like the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce want to help. I've ordered in loads of books for two big events, so at the moment I think I made the right decision.

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Joey O'Connor (joeyoconnor) | 12 comments Mod

You should receive a grand prize for being the first participant...I'm honored!

And thank you for your recent invite...I'm a bit behind on my email.

You offered great input in your post by aligning yourself with the Chamber of Commerce who WANTS to promote your book. How wonderful!

Best to you in all your endeavors...please send me your email address and I'd love to send you a copy of my book, The Longing, for free (it's a PDF).

Blessing to you!

message 4: by Marita (new)

Marita Hansen (maritaahansen) | 3 comments Thanks, Joey. My email is: marita.a.hansen@hotmail.com

message 5: by Joey (new)

Joey O'Connor (joeyoconnor) | 12 comments Mod
Sending now...have a great day (or night!) in NZ!

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Marita Hansen (maritaahansen) | 3 comments Joey wrote: "Sending now...have a great day (or night!) in NZ!"

Received it. Thanks. I'm in Singapore at the moment. You have a good Sunday too :)

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Marlayne Giron (thevictorbook) | 3 comments I can only speak to self-publishing because I have not yet been traditionally published. I have published both through Tate and CreateSpace. In both cases I have had to foot and do the lion's share of the promotion & marketing work/expenses. All 3 of my books are currently being considered by traditional publishers but it seems to me that the industry may have changed and they only want to jump in and get my product after they see a lot of sales so they can get a "piece of the action"

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Joey O'Connor (joeyoconnor) | 12 comments Mod
Hi Marlayne,

Thanks for your comment. We should have coffee soon and compare notes because I've been doing so much work/research on self-publishing, ebook development, as well as having traditional publishers review my work.

Are all your books in ebook format right now? I am loving ebooks as I have no physical inventory, which is why I shut down my old website a few years ago.

I am not for authors buying 1000 books at a time just to sit on inventory for years. Just-in-time publishing has been a game-changer.

Since authors are expected to do so much social media marketing on their own, there are definite trade-offs with going for a traditional publisher...though it's nice to get a good advance.

Give my best to Mike!

message 9: by Marlayne (new)

Marlayne Giron (thevictorbook) | 3 comments I'm in the process of looking into converting my last 2 books into e-book form. I would appreciate any help/advice in that area because I have readers asking for my books in kindle and e-book format. How about Tuesday?

message 10: by Joey (new)

Joey O'Connor (joeyoconnor) | 12 comments Mod
Hi Marlayne,

I use Bookbaby.com, which is a great service for converting to ebook. They post the ebook to Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, and Sony ereader. Then, they manage all the royalties and you get 100% of your royalties after the retailer takes their cut.

$99 per book (some people charge hundreds to create an ebook) and $20 annual admin fee.

I know some readers will say, "Hey, what about Smashwords?" I have reviewed their service and have found their Meatgrinder ebook setup doc extremely onerous and outdated...I will get my books up in their library eventually, but it is a low priority.

I'm in Florida Tues-Thursday, so we'll have to meet in a few weeks after Nov. 21.


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Marlayne Giron (thevictorbook) | 3 comments Thanks for the recommendation Joey - I just uploaded In Plain Sight. So quick and easy! Do they set the retail price of the book or do I after the conversion? What price point would you recommend? My first book, The Victor is $9.99 in Kindle format. I will be in Florida from 11/19 - 11/27 so we're looking at December to meet. Just curious - have you had the opportunity to read any of it yet? I have 2 weeks to finish my current book (#4) so I haven't gotten to yours yet.

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Ursula Gorman | 1 comments Hi Joey,
Thanks for the invite. I've only got one book out so far and went with a traditional publisher. I'm not too crazy about them 'after' the fact though. I'm looking into another traditional publisher, but they also have a self publishing option. So I'll submit my next manuscript to the traditional line first, but if that doesn't work, I think I'll try their self publishing option.
One of the things I didn't like about my current publisher is that I have absolutely no control over setting the pricing and I think they set them too high, especially for the ebook. I'd like to get the pricing down on my next one.
I am on the waiting list for for the traditional side of a new publishing house, keep your fingers crossed!

message 13: by Joey (new)

Joey O'Connor (joeyoconnor) | 12 comments Mod
Thanks for your input Ursula. Yes, in going with a traditional publisher, a lot of first-time authors don't realize that many items in the contract are negotiable.

For self-publishing, many book "printers" try to get authors into purchasing large quantities of books by enticing them with a lower per book cost for more books purchased. I am a huge fan of POD (print on demand) and only purchasing the copies you need. I've had many friends sit on loads of unused inventory. One in particular dumped thousands of copies when he and his writing partner couldn't figure out how to best market the book.

If you're looking for a good new POD publisher, I'm using Snowfall Press...they're pricing is much better than Amazon's Createspace. I'm paying about $2.50 per book.

Let me know how it goes and thanks for your comments!

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Joey O'Connor (joeyoconnor) | 12 comments Mod
Marlayne wrote: "Thanks for the recommendation Joey - I just uploaded In Plain Sight. So quick and easy! Do they set the retail price of the book or do I after the conversion? What price point would you recommend? ..."

Hi Marlayne,

Sorry for the delay in responding. You should be able to set the price as you go through all the menu options. I once forgot about this and had to go through the system again, but it is easy to do.

I think $9.99 is a good place to start. I sold a good number of my marriage books at $8.99, but I recently all my books to $4.99. I'm hoping this will be a sweet spot.

I went through our last set of emails and I never received your book. I'd love to read it...please send!

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Linnette | 2 comments Joey, Thanks for the info. Snowfall Press? What is the quality of their printing?

message 16: by Joey (new)

Joey O'Connor (joeyoconnor) | 12 comments Mod
Hi Linnette,
I am very happy with the quality. They print only softcover, but the paper is better than some of my previous trade books.

POD...so you can test one to see if you like it...nice cover and paper quality!

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Linnette | 2 comments Thanks, Joey! :D

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Karen Hammond (karenvancehammond) | 1 comments Thanks for the invite. I chose to go through a traditional publisher and I do not regret it one bit. My publisher takes very good care of me as far as royalties, taxes etc..
Self publishing was my second choice but I had no idea who to go through. In addition, being a first time author, I have dyslexia and math, taxes and keeping up with royalties is not my forte.

I now have two novels out on the market and more to come. Will I stick with my publisher....You bet I will.

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