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Thankful for all the ratings and reviews

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J.C. Szot I want to thank everyone who took the time to read and review Braided Desire. I'm not much of a techie so please bear with me- lol. Keep and eye out for my new release in January from Siren ebooks. Thx again. JC Szot

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J.C. Szot Trying to get my profile and page up to date. I've just had my tenth release so I'm definitely a bit behind. Check out my website for details,new releases and reviews.
Like me on Face Book-
My next release, The Wishing Stone is scheduled for release in March.

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J.C. Szot I'm ecstatic that four of my books have been rated on Goodreads, the latest Behind the Iron Fist. My next release- The Wishing Stone is due out on 3/13/13. Keep up with my latest news on my website. where you can always read the first chapter. Thank you readers! It wouldn't happen without the generous gift of your time. Warmest Regards, JC Szot

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J.C. Szot The Wishing Stone is now available for Preorder-Download date is March 13th.
I'm celebrating my tenth release with Siren Publications!

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J.C. Szot Tomorrow 3/13- The Wishing Stone is available for download.

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J.C. Szot The Wishing Stone is now available for download -3/13/13

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J.C. Szot Check out my updated review page on my website and read the first chapter of my new release-The Wishing Stone

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J.C. Szot Painted Posts is scheduled for release on June 26th.

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J.C. Szot Hotter Horizons will be released from Evernight publications on September 5th
Coming soon from Siren- Homeless Heart on October 10th

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