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This is the river that runs through Riverclan territory. You can hunt here, fish and water voles lurk by. Or you can swim and splash around.


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Stripedpelt wandered in going to hunt.

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jade (juliaskim) Pebbleheart stretched contentedly, looking at the river. He belly was heavy with kits and when they kicked, she flinched. "Their going to be here soon..." She said to herself.

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Drama | 8 comments Bluepaw was near by the river, padding besid it, sighing silently

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Stripedpelt heard her and walked towards her and said, "Hello,"

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jade (juliaskim) Pebbleheart looked up, surprised. "Oh hi Stripedpelt!" She said happily.

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jade (juliaskim) ((Wait, are you talking to Pebbleheart or Bluepaw?))

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Drama | 8 comments ((Let me delete my post...))

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jade (juliaskim) ((Oh okay :D))

Pebbleheart looked over Stripedpelt's shoulder. "Are you okay Bluepaw?" She called.

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Drama | 8 comments Bluepaw shook her fur "Yes, I'm fine!" she nodded quickly

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Stripedpelt nodded, "Shouldn't you be in the nusery?" he asked

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jade (juliaskim) Pebbleheart nodded, getting up. "Sorry...." She said guiltily.

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Drama | 8 comments Bluepaw nodded, slowly, padding over to them

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Stormfeather and Featherstorm spotted Pebbleheart by the river and meowed "there you are. the clan is looking for you. you should get back to camp"

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jade (juliaskim) Pebbleheart jumped and nods. "Sorry..." She whispers as she follows them

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The twins start to lead her back to camp.

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Stripedpelt caught three fish, before he went back to camp.

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Drama | 8 comments Bluepaw had followed Pebbleheart

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