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mstan | 130 comments Regions/countries visited:

North America
United States, Canada, Mexico

The Caribbean
Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti

Latin America

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Spain

Ethiopia, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Zimbabwe

The Middle East
Iran, Jordan

Burma (Myanmar), India, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam


Bonus: Antarctica

8 regions/37 countries

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mstan | 130 comments Ireland - Dreamfever - 2 Oct

England - Ballet Shoes - 2 Oct

Australia - Stolen: A letter to my captor - 5 Oct

Greece - Birds, Beasts, and Relatives - 15 Oct

Cuba - The Red Umbrella - 15 Oct

France - An Uncertain Place - 25 Oct

Czech Republic - Daughter of Smoke and Bone - 30 Oct

India - Sold - 2 Nov

United States - The Reapers Are the Angels - 3 Nov

Antarctica - The White Darkness - 5 Nov

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mstan | 130 comments Canada - The Moons of Jupiter - 6 Nov

*Alice Munro is one of my favourite authors but you can tell that this is one of her earlier works. Some of her favourite recurring themes are presented in cruder form in these short stories, which are set mainly in either British Columbia or Ontario.

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mstan | 130 comments Poland - Milkweed - 15 Nov

*I was unfortunately underwhelmed by this highly acclaimed middle-grade children's book. I thought that this treatment of the Holocaust - using the perspective of an innocent child - had already been 'done' before. The characterisation just wasn't that engaging either.

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mstan | 130 comments Democratic Republic of Congo - The Fight - 27 Nov

*The last 50 pages, which recount the fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, are sublime.

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mstan | 130 comments Kenya - Out of Africa - 27 Nov

*Too meandering for my taste but Karen Blixen/Isak Dinesen can really write.

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mstan | 130 comments Spain - The Shadow of the Wind - 29 Nov

*A super-promising book in the first third or so, then Zafon lost me with all the Spanish soap opera elements. I do like the characters' Barcelona walks he has given the reader guides to, though, at the end of the book - with maps and an itinerary!

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mstan | 130 comments Scotland - The Winter Sea - 2 Dec

*A fun read with impressive historical details, though I must confess to feeling like a curmudgeon with regard to the modern romance and the ending.

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mstan | 130 comments North Korea - Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea - 4 Dec

*Very illuminating - and tragic. Demick makes the inaccessible accessible.

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mstan | 130 comments Japan - The Housekeeper and the Professor - 29 Dec

*This book makes Maths seem beautiful - once again - to me, but is otherwise just an okayish (but easy) read.

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mstan | 130 comments Burma (present-day Myanmar) - Elephant Run - 18 Jan

*Eh, I thought this was just OK. Readable, but the high rating on goodreads probably came about because of its content rather than anything else.

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mstan | 130 comments Estonia - Purge - 19 Jan

*This was readable but I wanted to like it much better than I did. The subject matter was just so dark and depressing... and I didn't really grow attached to any of the characters.

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mstan | 130 comments Lithuania - Between Shades of Gray - 22 Jan

*An illuminating look into how Lithuania (as well as Estonia and Latvia) were affected by the events of WWII. I thought it would be a great recommendation for young readers but didn't feel as engaged by the narrative as I had hoped to be.

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mstan | 130 comments Serbia - Murder on the Orient Express - 24 Jan

*A re-read.

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mstan | 130 comments Vietnam - The Things They Carried - 6 May

Russia - The Master and Margarita - 18 May

Netherlands - The Wheel on the School - 19 May

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mstan | 130 comments Zimbabwe - Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight - 24 May

*Very well-written; fascinating!

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mstan | 130 comments Ethiopia - Cutting for Stone - 1 July

*A huge disappointment.

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mstan | 130 comments South Korea - So Far from the Bamboo Grove - 6 July

*Interesting from a historical perspective, but quite simplistically written.

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mstan | 130 comments Germany - After Midnight - 15 July

*The frenzy of Germany during WWII is captured well here, but was hard to read about.

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mstan | 130 comments Bosnia and Herzegovina - The Cellist of Sarajevo - 22 July

*I can't believe such a horrific siege took place so recently.

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mstan | 130 comments Haiti - The Comedians - 8 August

*Horrendous happenings abound... told in a dispassionate voice.

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mstan | 130 comments Norway - Hunger - 26 August

*Bleak and horrifying - very interesting.

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mstan | 130 comments Mexico - The Log from the Sea of Cortez - 15 September

*Eh, this was interesting in parts but quite meandering. And at the risk of sounding like a total bimbo - why did Steinbeck have to kill so many marine creatures? :(

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mstan | 130 comments Dominican Republic - The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - 22 September

*So far, all the books I have read about the Caribbean have presented a pretty depressing picture of tyranny and chaos.

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mstan | 130 comments Jordan - Appointment with Death - 25 November

*A light enough read, but the solution isn't very satisfying.

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mstan | 130 comments Iran - Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return - 8 December

*Loved it as much as I did the first, even if Marjane's character is less likeable here.

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mstan | 130 comments Italy - The Enchanted April - 31 December

*My last book of 2012 is a wonderful, enchanting read set in Italy.

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