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Abbey West So I know the soulmate theory is a huge part of this series. But I think there is also a form of it in real life. I think everyone has their own soulmate. And I also think that while everyone doesn't meet their soulmates, everyone had a chance in their lives to. And I feel like i know my soulmate, and someday, we'll end up happily ever after. What do you think? Do you think soul mates are real? Do you think you've met them? How do you think soulmates work?

Cece I don't believe in soul mates: some people die happily single.

Temple Rose i believe that the soulmate principle only applies in books not that it aint possible but that in stories talk about your soulmate in fiction dose a better job than life and is only more believebel the more you read it in books.

Aurora Skye wrote: "I don't believe in soul mates: some people die happily single."

lol. so true. but i sometimes think it's true. sometimes i don't

iomai i know soul mates are real. i think i've met my soul mate but let him go. he was either a guy who liked me or a guy who hated me and i hated him.

Danielle i believe in soulmates!!!! but it's not like you'll be unhappy without them it's just that your're life will be a hell a lot funner and happy with that person

Astoria I believe in soulmates. I know mine's name

Draco Malfoy, his snotty self is so charming.

Erica Wray I believe in soul-mates, and I think I've found mine, my fiance :) I love him with all my heart and would do anything for him and I know he feels the same, which is why I believe we are soul-mates. :)

Niran I think that everyone is meant to find someone ,I believe that people are not meant to be lonely for all their life . Everyone is supposed to find their own happiness .

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Lucy i wonder is there any good book that have 'soulmate' theme like this one??

message 11: by Tala (new)

Tala OF COURSE I DO!!!!!!!!!! And i meet my soulmate everyday of my life and if I leave him a long time I will die, look at how beautiful he is:

Niran Hahaha xD

message 13: by Tala (new)

Tala Have you met yours

Niran No, nor do I plan to meet them just yet. I want to have some fun in my life first :D

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Tala Me too, you see I have 2 soulmates, a HOT pizza, and a hot (I have no idea who it is) @!@

Niran Haha that is an ideal soulmate :P

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Tala Exactly ;)

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. It's all hokum. People have the potential of learning to love anyone.
The 'soulmates' theory is just another way us humans try to convince ourselves that we're 'important' in the cosmos.

.·:*¨ × Shannon♥Beel Stole & Ate My Heart × ¨*: Kate wrote: "I believe that some are destined to find their soulmates some are destined to live happily alone"

I believe the same thing.

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