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Jesse | 631 comments ok so what do u wanna rp

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Doesn't matter to me. Anything really.

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Jesse | 631 comments yeah ok so how about highschool rp

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Sure. Romance or no? Fantasy/Paranormal or no?

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Jesse | 631 comments Romance and supernatural

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Okay. I will post a character tomorrow. Night!

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Jesse | 631 comments K cya

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I'm back!

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Jesse | 631 comments kool so lets post our charries

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Okay. Whoever gets done first posts first I guess.

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Jesse | 631 comments Name: Jesse Black
Age:prefers to think he's 15
Gender: male
Power(s): ability to turn into a wolf on command but can only turn into a werewolf at night time
Appearance: human form: human form: http://s11.allstarpics.net/images/ori...
wolf form: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/201...
personality: likes to stay in the dark, friendly and comforting
Family: none they were all killed in a plane crash
brief bio: first turned when was only 6 years old after that he was locked up every night until he could control it
Crush: girls

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First Name: Lidia
Last Name: Wind
Gender: F
Age: 15 in human years

Place of Birth: Under a tree in the Tennessee woods
Date of Birth: May 21st

Species: Fairy
Powers: Power over wind and weather.

Dressing Style: Casual. Lets it have to do with nature in some way.

Personality: Bold,Nice,Sweet.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes,Chocolate,Squirrels,Werewolves. Dislikes,Spiders Vanilla.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Trees and other plants (In power form).

Family: Mother and Father. Both dead.
Background History: For her parents it was love at first sight,Romeo and Juliet kinda thing. There parents were against their love from the get go. So they ran off on their own,two twenty year olds deeply in love. They had one child,Lidia before dying in a freak car accident one year ago.

House: Davis

No pets.

She is single but looking.

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Wanna start or shall i?

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Jesse | 631 comments nice so lets start

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Jesse | 631 comments ((ill start))

jesse walked through the gate to the school and sat on a bench near the door quietly the cold in the air making his body feel rigid

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Lidia walked through the woods around the school. It was getting colder and colder by the minute. It didn't help that she was wearing a thin white silk dress.

Her transparent wings were veiled in magic for now as were her pointed ears,the tale-tale signs of fairy blood. She walked through the gate. Her eyes rose and landed on a boy sitting on a bench.

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Jesse | 631 comments jesse looked up at the girl who was looking at him he then looked away and looked at his hands wondering who she was and why she was looking at him

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Lidia looked away and continued walking. The bell hadn't rung yet and probably wouldn't for a while. They were early.

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Jesse | 631 comments jesse watvhed her in the corners of his eyes before looking back at his hands shifting them into wolf paws then back again repeatedly

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Lidia paused and,looking out of the corner of her eye,watched the boy shift. Werewolf? Maybe.

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Jesse | 631 comments jesse got up and checked his bag then walked towards the door

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Lidia shrugged off what she had seen and walked towards the door as well heading into the building.

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Jesse | 631 comments jesse walked through the door and looked around for his class

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Lidia found her class easily little did she know its was the same as the werewolf's.

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Jesse | 631 comments jesse walked in and saw the girl he sighed quietly then sat down in the furthest desk from the front of the room

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Lidia looked up when she saw the boy...again. "Hi." she said.

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Jesse | 631 comments jesse said to her " oh hey"

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((So is this going to be a paranormal school or a regular one?))

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Jesse | 631 comments ((idk it could be a regular one and they have to stick together because theyre different or it could be paranormal and they just become friends randomly))

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((Regular sounds romantic...er))

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Jesse | 631 comments (( ok then))

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She watched him silently as class began and ancient rule coming to mind.

Paranormals live and Paranormals dance but only Paranormals can see through a Paranormals trance.

In other words only a Paranormal would be able to see another Paranormals power if they chose to show it. That must mean...he was a Paranormal.

Class droned on and afterwards,when class broke for break,Lidia pulled werewolf boy aside. She recited the rule, a custom between Paranormals discovering one another, to see if he truly was one.

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Jesse | 631 comments " what do you mean do you want me to show yo my powers" he asked raising an eyebrow

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She rolled her eyes. "I mean are you a Para or not wolf boy. You don't need to show me your power. You already did,in the courtyard of the school."

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Jesse | 631 comments " yes im paranormal" he said

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She smiled in satisfaction. "Thought so."

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Jesse | 631 comments " yeah so whats wrong with me being a lycanthrope" he said

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"Nothing. I never said anything was wrong with you. I was just curious. Para's usually don't find other Paras. Especially in high school."

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Jesse | 631 comments " well ok then " he said

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"So um,I'm Lidia."

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Jesse | 631 comments " im jesse nice to meet you" he said

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"Ditto. So....now what?"

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Jesse | 631 comments " i dont know right now im really energized from sitting in a room the entire day

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"Same. I need to stretch my wings. Wanna go some where?"

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Jesse | 631 comments " yeah sure" he said getting up and grabbing his backpack

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"Cool," she said walking out of school and into the courtyard. There she kicked in her superhuman speed and headed toward her secluded place: the meadow.

She stopped when she reached it. They were miles and miles away from the school now.

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Jesse | 631 comments jesse followed on all fours clothes quickly being exchanged for fur and hands and feet changed to paws he stopped beside her

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Purple mist made a tornado around her lifting her from the ground as the veil of magic was lifted from her revealing her pointed ears and transparent wings. Her dress shimmered even more as the mist landed on it.

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