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message 1: by Mza (new)

Mza (lostcosmonaut) | 63 comments Mod
this link's going around w/ th comix nerds: Comix Cube reviews a fairly new Dutch webcomix named Slechtemeisjes ("Bad Girls") that will probably remind you of Henry Darger (subject matter), Gabrielle Bell (style of drawing people), or Julie Doucet (breezy chatter). The author is pseudonymous, thus far:

Would love to have a book of this stuff, but the odds of that happening any time soon seem low


message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

That a fairly decent blog to keep track of?

message 3: by Mza (new)

Mza (lostcosmonaut) | 63 comments Mod
that was my first or second time reading it, seems good so far but not necessary to life like

I also read Comics Reporter, who seems to read EVERYBODY and filter it down to the most interesting


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Ok. So I was just looking at the first page of Comics Reporter & their Happy Birthday to various artists & holy crap Robert Loren Fleming! Didn't know his name but would recognize that art from the 80s mini-series Thriller, which I've not seen in years.

message 5: by Mza (new)

Mza (lostcosmonaut) | 63 comments Mod
recently picked up a bunch of old Thriller issues for cheap; can't wait to read 'em or @ least look @ 'em if they aren't so readable


message 6: by Mza (new)

Mza (lostcosmonaut) | 63 comments Mod
fleming's th writer, I think Trevor von Eeden's th artist


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