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Chip-2mtl | 8 comments Was anyone else put off by Wade's initially self-centered reaction after the stacks exploded? Obviously there was no love between him and his family, but it took a surprising amount of time (from my perspective) for him to consider the innocents who died. His shock was more in a "that could have been me" mode, and even after he seemed to regard them as collateral damage.

Perhaps the point was that the OASIS was so much more real to him, that Parzival was his true identity, and that he was truly disconnected from the real world.

Kris (kvolk) I think his abusive "family" connections made him more desenitized to the others death. He also set his character up as being immature early on...

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Eve Davids (EveDavids) | 10 comments I noticed that do. I saw it as one of the shortcomings of the book. Or perhaps something a good editor would have noticed and pointed out to him.
Again, there is a possibility, it was intentional, and there to show us how disconnected wade was to reality.

Matthew (masupert) | 215 comments I had a lot of trouble actually being empathetic with Wade on the whole. Even after he got his sponsorship funds, you would think his rationality would kick in and he would manage it appropriately for his cause. It seems he just kind of went nuts spending the money.

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