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What does Edward see in Bella?
Aurora Aurora Nov 05, 2011 06:25PM
A few years ago, I read the first book. I like Edward, but not Bella so much. She's okay, I guess. But with the most recent movie coming out, my mom brought up a good point: What does Edward see in Bella? Can someone who has read all of the books explain it to me? I'll take an answer from Twihards or Twihaters. And please don't give a "because it's true love/they're soul mates" type of answer.

What does Bella see in Edward?
I personally hate Edward. But he is obviously drawn to her because of the way she repels every vampire power/talent. They are (blahhh) soulmates, so that's just how it is.
Bella would still be a million times better with Jacob though.
Team Jacob<3

Edward is extremely good looking (in the book). He is also completely devoted to Bella. Who wouldn't fall in love with that? As for what he see's in her, he describes it as chemical. It sure isn't her personality, because she barely has one, until the end of Book 4, that is.

Because it's true love; they are soul mates.

Smells Good?! and I don't see what he sees in her. Maybe it is the "old soul" or her smell. But she seems very boring and has like no personality.

Blood... Edward sees blood....
LOL! Anyways I think it started out with the fact that he couldn't read her mind. Remember that almost all the girls in the school thought Edward was EXTREMELY HOT. Since he could read their minds it was probably really awkward being around them because he probably heard weird things about himself...
He couldn't read Bella's mind and she also had this strange blood coursing in her veins.

He didn't have to hear her gush about his supose hotness and so I think he kind of liked that...

She's an "old soul". Her mom says it several times plus she acts older than her classmates. Edward is from a different time so she appeals to him on that level. She's more like the women of his day and age than from her own time. I think that's one of the things he sees in her. Add on top of that, the fact that her blood sings to him. Her smell caused him to be lured to her. He fought the attraction and then decided to convince himself that she was nothing and found his mate. Her "old soul" appealed to him.

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sooooo true

She smells really good. Isn't that all the attraction someone needs for a perfect love connection?

i my question is is if eric,michael, and jacob all didnt like would edward still like her? he totally got off that everyone liked her.

i agree ! she's boring.. and obsessed with him ! i think it intrigues him that he can't read her mind.

well, I would say it was mostly, at least initially, b/c he couldn't hear her thoughts- so he had no idea how boring they were. but then he supposedly still loved her after he did hear them in breaking dawn, so I don't know...

Gerd I'm not sure about that explanation, after a hundred years+ he must know how boring peoples thoughts generally are. :D ...more
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what he likes about is well i think is he loves her not a way to explain it but he loves her/love is unexplainable he loves her by her actions her ?s anything to do with her
no way to explain and thats final

She smells good?! :)))))))

She was like drugs to him, and by trying so hard too resist her he just fell in love with her. I like it that Edwards loves Bella, because she seems just a regular girl :)

Exactly! I agree completely.
But, I must say, what does Bella see in Edward? I mean, he's pale, strange, kind of stalks her, can read minds, has half a mind to drink her blood, and, well, he's not very hot. But, whatever works for her...They're a nice couple.

Alicia In the books, he's supposed to megahot.. xd ...more
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Edward sees everything he's not in Bella

Nothing. The only reason he started liking her because she smelled really good and he couldn't read her mind.

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