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Idk. But just saying now, I don't go far in romance.

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Oh, I don't go far in romance.

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I think we should do a summer romance.

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Apperance:shaggy brown hair with brown eyes tall and lean
Personality:smart, loving and creative
Family:brother and mom dad died when he was younger.
Other:loves playing football

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Sean was at his lake house. Alone. His mother and brother would be back in about an hour and a half. He didn't know what to do with his free time. So he went out and walked the waters edge.

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Sean stopped in front of a rock, he saw a rock on the ground and decided to skip it.

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He smiled and turned around looking for more rocks to skip, he paused when he saw a girl there.

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He smiled and said "Hi, I'm Sean."

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"Nice to meet you" he said going over to her and extending his hand out.

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Sean smiled and took his hand once they shook.

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He smiled more and said "Do you live around here?"

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"Oh, that's cool, my mom has a beach house just over there" he said pointing.

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"I'm from up North." he said.

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