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(( Natalies side the first one ))

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Terra ((I love it!!! Especially the purple color!! XD I guess Autumn's side will be the blue room, except larger and with a view overlooking the campus.))

Autumn walked into the room, dragging her things along after her. She sighed with relief as she managed to finally place her bag on her bed, and looked around. "Wow! This room is so cool!" Was the only thing she could say as she gazed around.
One half of the room was purple, and she absolutely adored the color. The other half was a dark shade of blue that reminded her of the sky, and a view of the campus.

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((I kniw right (: ))

Natalie walked in and dropped her backpack on her bed.Sge saw her new room mate"Hi,im Natalie"She said with a smile

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Terra Autumn grinned. "Hello, I'm Autumn. This is a pretty nice place, huh?"

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"Ya,its way better than all my past rooms"She said,smiling

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Terra "How long have you been at this school?" she asked, curious.

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