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message 1: by Canda (new)

Canda | 69 comments Mod
A friend sent me this info--thought it was good to pass along.

Kindle does do library loans. They use a digital system called Overdrive that many libraries, especially Utah ones, are already signed up for.

Kindle also allows person-to-person loans directly--just go into your library on Amazon.com, click the plus sign next to the book and if the "Loan this book" button is there and yellow, the publisher has enabled lending. Click the button and you'll be taken to the form. You'll need the recipient's email address to send it.

You can also become a member of a free site called Lendle. You put in what books you have and if people request them, you might get an email asking you to loan them. You can also put in requests--AND they pay you ($0.50) to loan. Pretty cool.

Right now, you can only lend a book once and the loan lasts for 2 weeks. While the book is on loan, it goes into your archived items and I *believe* it's returned to your archived items, too. You get a little note about loaning it delivered to your Kindle.

message 2: by Alene (new)

Alene | 2 comments Thanks for the info. Canda! I didn't realized you could do that.

I read some of the fine print as well. It depends on the publisher whether they allow you to lend or not, so not all books are authorized for it. Also, if you lend a book, readers/lenders will have to read the fine print on the length of lending (often 2 weeks), and how many times it can be lent out. It's a great option though!

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