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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK! who likes sarah? i think she is stupid. six is so much cooler! and i don't like marina much either or ella. anyway what do you think will happen?

Sara (♥ hearts Alec Lightwood♥) | 16 comments well Four HAS TO GO BACK AND GET SAM!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

definitely, he abandoned sam! sam would bever do that to four!

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

but nine is really cool.

Sara (♥ hearts Alec Lightwood♥) | 16 comments yeah.. i think i'm digging him ;D

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

nine is so...

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message 8: by HC (new) - rated it 5 stars

HC | 23 comments i cant wait!!!

Emily 💋 (milylou) | 13 comments Well, I like Sarah.I just think that Six is there to rescue Sam and John all the time. I kinda like Six but at times I do not. I don't know I guess I like when Sarah is rescued but John. He's supposed to be a supper teen person who help saves humans. I just want John to be more experienced as six in his fighting abilities. Six got all the good gifts and John was left with the glowie hands and moving stuff with his mind, witch isn't all that intresting if you look at Six's gifts. I say he needs more gifts.

message 11: by HC (new) - rated it 5 stars

HC | 23 comments i agree but Six is my favorite character so far. :D

message 12: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (Fishgivesmepolarbear) at first i was was like who the heck is this dude. then, "OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE SOUNDS HOT! I WANT TO KNOW MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
the only problem was this was read during history class so i had to excuse myself for a party in ... the bathroom. but hey, i got through it!

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

~Haelee~ wrote: "i agree but Six is my favorite character so far. :D"

mine too!!

message 14: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee | 4 comments Asmaa wrote: "CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK! who likes sarah? i think she is stupid. six is so much cooler! and i don't like marina much either or ella. anyway what do you think will happen?"

i dont like sarah either 4/john should be with 6

message 15: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee | 4 comments Sara (♥ hearts Alec Lightwood♥) wrote: "well Four HAS TO GO BACK AND GET SAM!"

yes he does
does anyone like 9 i dont really care for him i thought he was going to be a girl

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

i like nine

message 17: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (Fishgivesmepolarbear) oh yeah hes awesome

Zohal | 3 comments can't wait till this book comes out

message 19: by Anush (new)

Anush Vejalla | 3 comments i like seven, but hate 9: he seems snobby

Jamie Krakover (rockets2writing) | 3 comments I'm most of the way through the short on 9 and im liking him a lot better after that. but i hated him after the power of 6.

message 21: by Anush (new)

Anush Vejalla | 3 comments i dont like nine. he iz way tooooooo smug. sarah is a loser and no body likes her anymore. She is a cheating back stabbing jerk.

message 22: by Jaeson (new)

Jaeson | 4 comments grr i really want to read this book

message 23: by Jaeson (new)

Jaeson | 4 comments Sara (♥ hearts Alec Lightwood♥) wrote: "well Four HAS TO GO BACK AND GET SAM!"


message 24: by Jaeson (new)

Jaeson | 4 comments i like BK

Danica (arya_svitkona) I think that Marina seemed kinda whiny. i mean... all she did in The Power or Six was whine and whine about how her Cepan wasn't doing a good job. I would've run away. Cepan or no Cepan.

Danica (arya_svitkona) Hey, wouldn't it be funny if Sarah was a good guy?
or maybe she's a Mog!

message 27: by Jaeson (new)

Jaeson | 4 comments lol

Emily 💋 (milylou) | 13 comments We really don't know if Sarah betrayed John only that the police happened to fallow her to where John was. Sarah probably had a track device in her cell phone.

message 29: by Ashlee (new)

Ashlee | 4 comments Emily wrote: "We really don't know if Sarah betrayed John only that the police happened to fallow her to where John was. Sarah probably had a track device in her cell phone."

didnt she txt the police when she found out that John was back

message 30: by Jay (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jay Uppal (jayuppal) | 1 comments Hi I have a Hardback UK ARC up for trade for the ARC/copies of new and upcoming YA books. If you are interested please respond here.

Danica (arya_svitkona) hey i diddnt know this was spam.
What is Sarah was a good guy? Would John forgive her?

message 32: by HC (new) - rated it 5 stars

HC | 23 comments Maybe. I don't really like Sarah but I want Six and Sam to be together, so I'm just going to wait and see what happens.

As far as 9 goes, he seems a bit crazy, but I can't really tell until I read the Rise if Nine!!! I can't wait!!! :D

message 33: by Kylie (new)

Kylie | 1 comments okay i loved sarah in the first book but after the second i really hate her! i think six and four should be together, and seven and nine should be together. I think 7 and 9 would balance eachother out, 9 is rude, loves fighting, and his powers are made for fighting. 7 is quiet, not exactly gentle but she doesnt like violence, and her powers like healing are good

message 34: by L.J. (new) - rated it 4 stars

L.J. deVet (ljdevet) Absolutely cannot wait for this to be released! 'The Power of Six' had me utterly enthralled, and I've been eagerly awaiting 'The Rise of Nine' ever since.

Not long to wait now :)

Michael | 2 comments i have my PDF copy of the book and later, I will read it. I'm so excited that I want the series to be completed. It kills me when I'm like waiting for years to read the next books. so please update news about Lorien Legacies. thanks.

message 36: by Matt (new)

Matt Pusateri | 1 comments just read the book, i was great, a bit short but i wont spoil it for anyone, kind of sucks we have to wait another year for the next one

Michael | 2 comments if you're a fan, please answer the quiz I created for The Rise of Nine? go Loriens!

Annarea Padilla (tacticalarea) | 2 comments Hi hi! Who started reading Rise of Nine already?

message 39: by Nightdeath (new)

Nightdeath | 1 comments me ! Rise of Nine is super awesome. I like, but gets very annoyed, by the way Pittacus Lore wrote this Rise of nine book. He successfully makes a way that each time Number Four/Six/Seven narrates it ends with a very big climax ( just like some TV serials where they stopped before the REAL thing began to happen and we can only wait for the next day to see what has happened) and it makes me just want to keep reading, i was even so tempted to just skip all of the different narration and just read each and one of their narration one by one throughout so i wont have to keep being on such a super.high suspense, this book is super awshum !!!

Bernice cameron (bernice_101) | 3 comments this book for me i would have to say was my sec fav i loved the first and i realy think 4 is Pittacus Lore and i think 6 and 9 should be together at first i thought 4 and 6 in the power of six till 9 came along but my fav ones are still 4 and 6 he needs to hurry up and writ the next book so we can all read it and i hurd there are going to be 3 more books to the sires yay and next year the power of six movie

Bernice cameron (bernice_101) | 3 comments i also been done the book for 3 days now

Danica (arya_svitkona) !!!SPoILERS!!!

I just finished it last night! AMAZING BOOK! The fight scenes were WAYYYYYY better then I remembered. Especially when fighting Setrakus Ra! Six is so amazing!

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Omg, I LOVED this book! :D:D:D:D:D:D Four. ROCKED. As always. ;D

↬ Sarah ↫ | 7 comments Reading it right now. Literally as i type... :)

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Sweeeeeeeet

Rebecca Veight | 2 comments Just finished it today. Agree with Nightdeath, each POV ends like with a cliffhanger, but that makes it even more awesome. Stupid government believing the Mogadorians. It's weird how it seems like Setrakus Ra can do what he does (could he have been Loric once?)

I think 5 is a boy, & I want to know why he/she was moving all the time in the book (does he also have a tablet)? And which one is Pittacus Lore? What was the thing Ella threw at Setrakus, except for telepathy what will her Legacies be? And I sooo want Sam back

Sarah (sarah128) | 2 comments I really enjoyed this book and I'm reakky excited for the 4th one! There are a few things I didn't like. I'm probably the only one that wishes Sarah was the one that turned John into the feds. I just don't like Sarah. I also don't like how the book ended with them fighting Setrakus Ra. It was such a weak and anti climatic fight. I wish thry would've saved that fight for a later book. I think it should've ended with the Garde finding Six and running. The fight was so short and kind of pointless. It should've been saved for the next book or when all the Garde are finally together. Other than that, it was an excellent book!

Kaley Dunlee I don't like Sarah. Four should hook up with 6. I love how Nine starts to rub off on Four and he starts to enjoy himself, develop a instead of being so ruled by his stupid love for Sarah. I cant wait to read the 4th book. :D

message 49: by Luke (new) - rated it 3 stars

Luke Maughan | 2 comments Anyone else think that the "Nine" they find after the battle is really Setrakus Ra who changed shape just like he did with six and Sarah?!?!? I thought it was weird for Setrakus Ra to just disappear.

Jorge Garcia | 3 comments Ohh I hadn't thought about it Luke.. Thats really mindfuck. I hope not. I would like them to get together with five and train before defeating the mogadorians..
Anyone else would like it if the books had more info on the characters? I feel like I dont know them as well as Id like and I know that there are those books about the lost files and Sams journal but still.
And does anyone think that Eight is a very interesting character?.. I dont know what about him but Id like to find out more

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