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Here is the Character Sheet:

Appearance: At least five sentences.
Personality: At least five sentences
History: At least five sentences

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This is a wolf roleplay. Not a werewolf.

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Please edit the charrie sheet some more so it fits the outline. You know, five sentences.

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Alyssa Name: Shadow
Age: undetermined but full grown adult
Gender: female
Pack: Fent's pack
Rank: any high rank.
Appearance: Shadow is a black wolf with gorgeous moss green eyes. She is not the biggest wolf but definitely built to fight. She tends to often get hurt, but heals pretty quickly.
Personality: Shadow overall if a loyal wolf. She will risk her life for her pack. She is caring and kind. She likes to lead but also obeys orders. She can be headstrong and determined when the situation calls for it.
History: Shadow has had her own children and a few mates, but it never worked out. Most of her children have died and only one remains but she never talks to her. She has traveled from pack to pack and held a variety of ranks in each.
Crush: none
Mate: none
Kin: Amber-her daughter. Dallas-her great grandson (Amber's son)
Other: n/a

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Name: Aaric
Age: Five Years
Gender: Male
Pack: Frent's Pack
Rank: Beta Male?
Appearance: Aaric has grey fur, tinged with white, black and brown. He has yellow-brown eyes that are always shining. Aaric is fairly big and he has long legs and a long, shaggy coat. His paws are socked white and he has a patch of black covering his left eye. Aaric has a small scar running down the side of his face,
Personality: Aaric is fairly quiet and he keeps to himself. He observes others from a distance, but he doesn't get involved. Aaric is sweet to females and he wouldn't dream of hurting one. He's quite protective and he has a soft spot for pups. Aaric is very calm and he doesn't get worried easily.
History: Aaric was born into Scarlet's pack and grew up in it with his mother. He never knew who his father was. Once he was old enough, he was encouraged to find a pack of his own and his mother saw him off. He soon found harmony in Frent's Pack and he setteled down there. He still sees his mother often.
Crush: Open
Mate: Open
Kin: Marie (mother)

Striped Skittles | 3 comments Name: Locki
Age: Fourteen Years
Gender: Male
Pack: Frent's Pack
Rank: pending
Appearance: Locki is covered in thick, black fur. He has sharp claws, that could dig into the toughest meat. Locki is unable to see in his left eye (This is important), and has a very deep voice when he speaks. Locki's nose is bright pink.
Personality: Locki didn't get his name for nothing. Locki is cunning, and can steal you away without you even knowing. But, despite this, he is loyal to his pack and is not afraid to stand up to anyone who is a threat. He is always going with the flow.
History: When Locki was a pup, his mother's life was taken away, and his father treated him like junk. But life changed when he met Cellice, a female wolf from Frent's pack. They became great friends, and before Locki knew it, he was settling in Frent's pack with Cellice.
Crush: Cellice
Mate: N/A
Kin: Scar (Father)

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Striped Skittles | 3 comments Here goes Cellice...

Name: Cellice
Gender: Female
Pack: Frent's pack
Rank: Omega
Appearance: Cellice has beautiful, silky white fur. Her eyes are dark blue, and her paws are black. Cellice has a deep scar in her right eye, and her nose is camo brown. She has VERY sharp teeth.
Personality: Cellice is soft and timid, usually very kind and mother-like. She loves pups and teaches them about the dangers of the forests. But don't be fooled; this wolf isn't afraid to fight, either.
History: Cellice grew up in Frent's pack since her puppy years. Later on, she met Locki when she was hunting for prey. They talked for a while, and soon Cellice encouraged Locki to join her pack. Obviously it worked, because Locki's here now.
Crush: Locki
Mate: no one
Kin: Pending
Other: Likes pig meat.

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Everything and one is accepted or whatever, and you don't have to ask for ranks, as long as the rank isn't already taken.

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) Name: Moonmist
Age: 12
Gender: female
Pack: Frent's Pack
Rank: Shaman
Appearance: She has silver fur with a few black streaks; it shines in the moonlight. Her eyes are dark blue, and they shimmer at night. She has a strange marking on her left paw, a crescent-shaped moon, and whenever she looks at it, her heart soars with radiance. She has a slender and thin body, but fast and strong.
Personality: Moonmist is shy and quiet, always hangs around where no one pays attention to her. She likes to keep to herself, be lost in her thoughts, let no one have her be disturbed. She is also strong and quick and agile, all of these qualities make her a great omega. She is kind and gentle, her voice drifts through the air like a lullaby.
History: When she was young, she got lost, and her parents left her, fighting for their lives. She almost died in the winter, but someone (she doesn't know who) saved her from the harsh winds. She was fed and trained, and accepted in to Cragg's Pack. She is grateful for whoever saved her, but she grieves for her parents.
Crush: ..
Mate: ..
Kin: Shimmmermoon (deceased, mother), Auburnflight (deceased, father), Jasperjewel (deceased, twin brother)

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Name: Cue (Pronounced as if saying the letter "Q")

Age: 3 years old

Gender: Male

Pack: Frent's

Rank: Hunter

Appearance: Cue is a snowy white wolf, with cloudy, blank milky eyes.
He is very built up, and in all, is very intimidating. Cue has large muscles on his legs and shoulders, and they ripple when he runs. Cue's nose is bright pink, and he has glimmering white fangs. He's virtually invisible in the snow, and blends in perfectly.
This white wolf has a ton of stamina, so, when doing his job, he can chase a fallow deer, or elk, for weeks.
The only really remarkable feature on Cue's pelt is a black stripe that runs down his spine.

Personality: Cue is a strong and bold wolf, but is wise, and sometimes shy. He knows all the great attack routines, and often leads the hunting patrols. Many other lone wolves assume he is alpha.
Cue may seem confident on the outside, but he truly is emotionally unstable. He's traveled a great deal, but had to live a constant life of rejections and coldness.
This wolf is a bit sensitive, because of his disability. Being blind is humiliating, and he longs to see what other wolves look like. He doesn't even know what the food he eats looks like.
Cue wants all the things a normal wolf can have, like a mate and pups, but he knows he won't. Even if he did, he wouldn't be happy. Not being able to see his own pups?
Cue has suffered, but he knows he has a good life. Through all the rejection, he has finally found his own nirvana. He eats good, sleeps good, and gets exercise. He knows he has it better that what the Lowlanders have.

History: Little Cue was born deep in the Lowlands, right into Scarlet Pack. His mother cared for him, but, like all females of Scarlet Pack, grieved that she had a son.
The yearly raid occurred, and little Cue was taken. He still hadn't opened his eyes, and his mother worried for his own health.
A few strong looking pups are taken during the raid, but only males. Cue was one of them. As the Alpha's of Brick's Pack had lost one of their pups to an eagle, they were happy to take this pup in.
After seeing that Cue was born blind, the male alpha snorted in disgust. He sent the messenger to drop the pup off at Cragg's pack, on the way to the Yearly Report.
Cue was left to die in the blistering cold weather of the craggily mountains, yet was found by a sterile female.
The female, Alishai, had been unable to conceive pups with her loving mate. She gladly took in the blind pup, training him to smell well with his super-sonic nose.
Alishai was devastated when Cue was ripped from her paws by the alpha, who had decided that a blind pup would simply weaken the pack. He told Alishai to take the pup to Frent's pack, and offer Cue to them.
Frent's pack accepted grudgingly, and Cue was casted into a corner of camp, and has been proving himself since. He longs to go back and visit his adoptive mother in Cragg's pack.



Kin: Milaan (Mother, Deceased), Koja (Father, whereabouts unknown)

Other: Cue was born blind, and obtains two milky, cream colored eyeballs.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Oh, Silver! He's gorgeous!

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Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) | 305 comments Mod
Name: Bevan (Welsh for son of Evan)

Age: 3 years

Gender: M

Pack: Frent's pack

Rank: Sentinel

Appearance: Bevan is a sand-colored wolf with green eyes. He has a little bit of red coloring around his neck. His ears are a dark sandy color with the edges tinted black. His nose and nails are black. His tail has black at the edges.

Personality: Bevan is a solitary wolf, but at times will want company. He doesn't laugh or smile often. He's pretty grim. His sister Tegan is the only wolf who understands him and he hates her. He has no interest in having a mate or pups. A note of warning: don't ever mention his sister. It won't turn out well for the unfortuante wolf. He, like most other Frent's Pack wolves, thinks that he is better than anyone else. He can be arrogant at times.

History: Bevan and his sister Tegan were born in early spring. His mother lived with the pack and his father was a rouge. Evan left Braith as soon as he found out that she was pregnant. The two siblings were born a month later. Bevan knew from the time that he opened his eyes that he wanted to be a Sentinel. He trained hard and was thrilled when he got the role. He was devastated when Tegan left the pack to join Cragg's pack. Devastated by her "betrayal", he grew angry at her and vowed that if they met again, he'd kill her.

Crush: open

Mate: none

Kin: Braith(mother, desceased) Evan (father, health unknown) Tegan(sister)

Other: none.

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Natasha  (ar y ffin) (Natasha_ar_y_ffin) | 305 comments Mod
Name: Tegan

Age: 3 years

Gender: F

Pack: Cragg's pack

Rank: Beta Female

Appearance: Tegan is a dark brown wolf. In some places, her brown coat looks black in some places. Her eyes are a light amber with a few green specks in them. Her ears are a lighter shade of brown. She has a scar that is barely visible on her muzzle. She has short fur.

Personality: Tegan can be stubborn at times. She doesn't like to be ordered around. She will obey orders from the alpha and any other older member though. She generally has a clear head, except for if she's dared to do something. Then all sense will go out the door and she will try to prove that she's not a chicken. She worked hard to get her pack member's respect and works hard to keep it. She loves pups and wants to have her own someday.

History: Tegan was born in early spring. Her father was a rouge and her mother lived with Frent's pack. Her mother died soon after Tegan and her bother were weaned. When Tegan was a year old, she decided to leave Frent's pack. She never really felt like she was part of the pack. Cragg's pack took her in and she felt at home with them. She knew her brother was unhappy with her decision, but she'd made up her mind.

Crush: open

Mate: open

Kin: Braith (mother, desceased) Evan (father, health unknown) Bevan(brother)

Other: none

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Both accepted.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments Name: Whisper

Age: 37 moons

Gender: Male

Pack: Frent's pack

Rank: Hunter

Appearance: Whisper is almost fox colored, with black fur over his back that slowly fades to a light orange belly and wide white paws. His fur is thick and soft- it sticks to his frame to outline his muscular figure. He has eyes that are so light blue they're almost white, and his voice is soft- that's how he got his name. He has scars all over his flanks from hunting accidents, but he did not get them by failing- he takes on any large beast that wanders into the territory, and though he often gets hurt, he has not yet lost, because to lose would be to die. His tail is long and black, with a white tip.

Personality: He has almost no temper, but when he gets angry, you know you're in trouble. He has complete loyalty to the pack, which is his fatal flaw- he would rather die than see any of his pack-mates harmed. He is kind, and gentle, but though he seems slow, his mind is always going thousands of miles an hour. He is very submissive, but in life or death situation, if the leader isn't there, Whisper is the one to turn to. He is never riled up, no matter how scary the situation.

History: Whisper was born into Cragg's pack, but right away they could tell he was not what they needed. His thin fur would not do in the blistering cold of the mountains, and though he was large, they thought he would be to slow for the quick happenings of the mountains. So they dumped him on the edge of the border and left him there. Frent's pack, recognizing his scent, almost left him to die, but a kind-hearted she-wolf persuaded them to take him in. Whisper has lived in Frent's pack ever since.

Crush: Open

Mate: None

Kin: Crevice

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments Name: Crevice

Age: 37 moons

Gender: Male

Pack: Cragg's pack

Rank: Hunter and Sentinel

Appearance: He is completely black, and his fur is thick and fluffy. He has wide paws, and a thick frame that lasts him well in the winter. His muscles are hard, and his jaws are strong. His tail, like his brothers, is long, but his eyes are the yellow of the spring sun. He large ears that can detect the smallest of sounds- its helpful when they don't know what will cause an avalanche and what won't. He never cares about getting dirty, so he's constantly covered in mud and snow.

Personality: He is easy-going, but not as submissive as his brother. He is always willing to stand up for what is right. His temper is even, but quicker to ignite than Whisper's. He prefers to stay in the background, and does not lead, no matter what the situation demands of him. He doesn't like attention, and if he is given any, it makes him irritable.

History: He was born in the pack, with his brother, Whisper. When Cragg's pack decided Whisper would not be able to survive, Crevice was all to eager to get rid of his brother. Crevice knew that if Whisper was allowed to stay, Crevice would be the runt of the litter, and he did not want that. He considers himself better than his brother, and whenever the two meet at the border, Crevice takes great pains to remind Whisper that he was not wanted in Cragg's pack.
As soon as Whisper was deposited at the border, Crevice became more lively. He was given a position as Sentinel at 12 moons for his skills in tracking, hunting, and defending. His quick wits were put to use, and he has saved many a wolf from unseen ledges and cracks in the mountains. But he has never taken credit for his achievements. He only uses them as a weapon against his brother. Around Cragg pack, though, he is known as kind and fun.

Crush: Eve

Mate: None

Kin: Whisper

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Add a "rank" category, then she's accepted!

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[image error]
( sorry if this profile is like, not good... I copy + pasted it from a different site of mine xD )

"name," Archer.
"age," five years.
"gender," male.
"pack," Frent's
"rank," alpha male

"appearance," in looks perhaps the boy would not stand out; a common gray wolf is what his ancestry dictates and therefore there is nothing particularly special in his characteristics. You will notice first that Archer is tall - he doesn't tower over others, but he is significantly higher than many. However, this makes his overall form narrower and leaner than giving him any sort of powerful bulk. Indeed, he is built more for speed than he is for strength. His limbs are long and a little disproportionate in comparison to his streamlined body, giving him a lanky appearance. He has almost no fat and any substance packed onto his bones is toned sinew.
His coat is not exactly the average combination of color and pattern for his breed, but it isn't completely shocking to look at either. He has no particularly dominant color as it tends to change on each spot of his body but it's mainly a pale sandy brown. This brown fluctuates in tint and shade - the underside of his belly is a very light cream color while his legs and sides and some parts of his chest are shaded the color of coffee diluted with milk. On his back, there are lances of onyx which ridge themselves along the length of his topline. One of these onyx lines rings down his side but pauses halfway. The black which is closest to his head and neck elongates past his sides and dips forward into Archer's chest which gives the appearance of a martingale around his body. The boy's tail is overlayed with this raven coloring as well but is mainly the brown shade of the rest of his body. Archer's throat and the sides of his thin, strong muzzle are both ivory which fade into a color which is a mixture of dark gray, brown, and cinnamon. His tufted ears are white on the inside and rusty at the base, before their color changes to a very dark brown at the top.
If the rest of Archer is completely average, the one thing about him that isn't are his eyes. They are a shocking shade of celery green with a ring of paler green around his pupil. They are warm and expressive, and his gaze is piercing in a strangely gentle way.
There is a heavy scar on his right flank, however. It is clearly a bite mark which took a long time to heal seeing as the fur there is still matted and refuses to lay against his flesh as the rest of his pelt. Teeth marks are embedded into his skin and it seems as though there is an indent there, where a large chunk of the flesh itself had been torn from his body.

"personality," he is a simple wolf - there is not much to say. Yes, Archer has his different sides to him as all lupines do, but they are easily explained.
Archer's a gentle soul. He doesn't like the concept of violence to solve problems and thus, when he does get angry (a very rare but dangerous sight) tends to lash out with tongue rather than tooth. He can be socially awkward at times, when he's not acting as an alpha but rather, as a normal wolf, especially when speaking to members of the opposite sex; it can be rather cute if you think about it but he himself believes he is foolish.
However, the boy is very opinionated and when he does get passionate about something he cares about, any signs of having trouble conversing vanish and he becomes a fiery orator. It is hard to rile Archer up - he is calm and cool and collected; it's honestly a strange sight to see Archer with fire in his eyes. At most his irritation will earn you a snarl or a growl or perhaps a few stern words.
He is, however, incredibly sensitive about his past, and because of the horrors he'd witnessed any wolf that relates to a lupine that was involved in his history will seem to automatically be on his blacklist.
He has a terrible habit of holding grudges. When you tick him off once, you'll tick him off forever. Forgiving and forgetting is a strange thing for him and every last mistake you make with Archer will forever be engrained into his mind.
As far as his leadership goes, Archer is fair in his decisions. He has a philosophical way of thinking about things and clearly, he is a more peaceful alpha. He tends to become very close to his pack and treats everyone as an equal, so long as they do not defy or blatantly disrespect him.

"history," may I write this out later? I'm still trying to flesh it out completely (:

"crush," --
"mate," Tohka.
"kin," all deceased.

"other," nothing...

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Accepted, and yes, you may complete the history later, as you seem to be fine with filling these out.

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awesome, thanks!

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Name: Eve
Age: 4 Years old
Gender: Female
Rank: Alpha-Female
Pack: Cragg's
Appearance: Eve is a slender and beautiful black she-wolf. She has a few white markings, which tend to add a graceful affect to her. She has a white diamond on her forehead, along with a white left-sock, and a white tail-tip.
Living on the mountains has shown on Eve, giving her large feet with calluses fit for gripping the harsh rocks that line her home. Her pelt is thick-furred and rough to withstand blizzards and storms.
Eve has pale green eyes, almost a milky white, but she has radiant green irises that pop. Eve is slender, which is very rare for a Mountain wolf. Her legs are long, but are well muscled. Her muzzle is narrow, along with the rest of her body, which allows her to maneuver easily around the Mountains.
Personality: Eve is a strong willed alpha-female. She doesn't quite look for love, just a formidable parter to father her pups, and help her control the pack.
The icy climate has rubbed off on her personality. Eve does not tolerate fools and lazy bones, and everyone in her pack knows it. She dislikes hosting the Messengers, and she also hates the prison Frent's pack has built for her own wolves.
Eve does not believe in Frent, or the wolf God. She feels as though it is his fault that she and her wolves have been sentenced to a life of border patrols.
She isn't very giving towards non-pack members, because most food they find on the mountain is tough and rough reindeer meat. But deep inside, she loves her home. Her pack is well fed on eagle eggs and the deer, but she doesn't like the harsh winter weather that lasts year-round.
Kin: Benson (Father), Myla (Mother)

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Accepted, I'll add her to the allegiances.

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WAIT! Move her character sheet to Lowlands characters, because this is Upland. Scarlet's Pack is in the Lowlands.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments Name: Spring

Age: 27 moons

Gender: Female

Pack: Frent's Pack

Rank: Beta Female

Appearance: Spring is very small by wolf standards, standing about 1 1/2 feet at the shoulder, but don't doubt her. She is strong, quick, and ferocious, and not afraid to get in a fight. She moves like a fox- limber and cunning. Her legs are long, her ears are large, and her muzzle is long and thin. Her eyes are a normal yellow, and her fur is a dull gray.

Personality: Her colors may be dull, but her personality sparkles. She's very bright, and she uses it to her advantage. She knows every member of the pack fairly well, and is always kind to them. She often takes the time to be gentle to the lower ranking wolves, even though her higher status friends think her the worse for it. She doesn't want pups, but she likes them. She would never harm a pup, and fights hard to protect the mothers.

History: Spring was born an omega, and she knows how they get treated. She has scars up and down her legs for being insubordinate as a pup. As she grew up, she realized she could use her dull, fading colors as a decoy- she could scale the ladder of rank by using her personality. She rose to Delta within a few moons of her decision. As Delta, she proved herself a worthy fighter and skilled hunter. Once the old Beta female passed away, Spring was secured the position.

Mate: None

Kin: None

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments Silverlight, what happened to the five sentences thing?

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

Rainheart, yours is accepted. Silverlight, as Rainheart mentioned, please add five sentences to the appearance, and two more sentences to the personality, and two more sentences to history.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 41 comments Can I make the Alpha Female for Fent's or is that taken? It doesn't say so in the alligiances, but I don't know how updated they are.

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If she doesn't mind being Archer's mate.

message 30: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 41 comments I don't mind.

message 31: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 41 comments Can she like be about to have pups? I'm just wondering since nothing is really going on.

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

All right, that works ^^

message 33: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 41 comments Okay! I just wanted to make sure you were okay with it since your character is alpha male and all.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 41 comments

Name: Tohka Lakota for Blue

Age: Four Years

Gender: Female

Pack: Frent's Pack

Rank: Alpha Female -- pregnant

Tohka is a small grey wolf of betraying eyes.

She has fur soft as hickory bark and fluffy as the down of a goose. Her pelt is fluffed light characoal with sprouts of brown still disappearing from her coat as a pup. Her ears are rounder than most other wolves, the pointy tips covered in dark blonde fur. Her belly is usually damp from dips in the pond, soaking her thick, grey fur under her belly. Paws of light grey and tan appear white in full sunlight. Her pads are hard from tretcherous treks up and down the peaks. She has stout legs that prevent her from being very fast, but she has learned ot be light and swift on her paws.

She is everything of a wild wolf, everything except her domesticated eyes. No wolf really knows of her origins, for if they found out she'd be terminated for sure. Alpha or not, she was not to speak of her home before here. No one really questions her of the color of her eyes. They just assume she was the odd one out of her litter and moves on. She fears the day a wolf asks. Her eyes are a deep, magestic blue of a tribal wolf, one who lives with the natives and twolegs in the mountains. Most only wolves of selective brreding have these eyes, but she was no mistake. Her valiant ocean eyes are betrayal to her and her alone.

Tohka is a humble wolf, but that's not all to an Alpha.

She tries to treat everyone with the respect they deserve, everyone in her pack that is. Even though she believes everyont should be treated as equal, she enjoys her power over others. She doesn't take this power to mind and use it inafitiantly though. She undderstands the petty disagreements between her packmates and the other pack, but finds it juvenille when a packmate goes to the edge of the border just to mess with one of Cragg's Pack.

She usually does everything within reason and never fails to see either side. She believes there are, and always has been, two sides to a story. She is like a detective, a fast witt and determination to finish what she started. She is uneffected by her past, though others could disagree. The only thing she turns her nose up to are the Lowlands packs.

Tohka is a native dog at heart, but a wild wolf to everyother seeing eyes.

Tohka was born from selective breeding. She was to be an excellent hunting dog, but turned out smaller than they had wanted when she was funnly grown at one year. She had been trained only to hunt, never to fight. She was taught only to kill what was neccessary and to always have a reason for it. Brought up by the land, Tohka was a domesticated wolf living in a tribe, a family, of natives and other domesticated wolves. The natvies had taught her well. She had no intentions on leaving.

One day, the natives' camp was set aflame by an unknown source. The flames rose as the day grew to night. Natives fleed the camp by the dozens. The dogs followed their alphas, those who trained them. Tohka could not find hers. He was no where to be seen. She finally gave up as embers sparked at her paws. She bolted out of sight and out of the mountains, venturing for says before she found refuge near the outskirts of the Uplands. She spent everyday looking for wolves that might be willing to take a two years old wolf in. SHe knew how to hunt very well, and was espcially good with small game like rabbit or squirrel.

Tohka wandered for weeks, tired and alone. One day, she was discovered by a Frent's Pack messanger. She was returning from sending word to Scarlet's Pack across the mountains. She told Tohka to come with her and she'd see what she could do. Tohka followed obidiently and the messanger pretty much took her under her wing, training her to be one of the pack. She was assessed by Archer and soon accepted into the pack as a fll member. It wasn't long ago she was announced Alpha, but she had acted the role previously as if she was born for it.

In a way, Tohka resembled the messanger. She took advantage of this. She had come with one of the messangers to deliver news across the mountains a couple of times, but as another messanger. She went by the name of Dayden, for that was what she was called by the natives before. She soon found where her natives reside and began making short trips to see her old alpha. She would come one day, stay the night, then leave during the night. The longest she has ever stayed was three nights. She tells her mate, Archer, nothing of this. He knows none of her origins, as did her fellow packmates. Only the one messanger knew who she was and that she was fine with.


Mate: Archer

Kin: Tribal Wolves

Other: She is expecting Archer's pups any day now.

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ash Wow I really like her.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 41 comments Thanks, Ashley.

message 37: by ash (new)

ash Your welcome ^.^

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Accepted. I'll add her to the ranks!

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 41 comments Thanks, Silver!

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Name: Skid
Age: not sure what specifically, fairly old.
Gender: m
Pack: (not sure if any)
Rank: -
Appearance: black stripe down back, brown everywhere else. He has a wild unpredictable look in his green eyes. He has ruffled fur, and a voice that would have him arrested if he was human. His tail is half cut, and a scrape along his flank. He has an overall, unplaceable insaness about, that makes fear for his life.
Personality: he is wild. He is, however, a lover, not a hater. His luck reflects morals, lucky as crap, and always well placed. Some call him mad, but the only stretch between madness, and genius, is success, and he has become a great hunter, though some are lead to call luck. He would never hurt anyone who wasn't prey or a rouge about t
History: At least five sentences Crush: Mate: Kin: Other:

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Name: Ashynna ~ash--EEE--nah~ Shining Light

Age: 4years/51 Moons

Gender: Female

Pack: Cragg's Pack

Rank: Huntress

Appearance: A Maned wolf, she looks a little like a fox, and very different from the other wolves in the Pack.

Personality: Mostly no-nonsense. She likes things to work out and be planned out and move in an orderly, structured manner. She rarely is one for games and hunts methodically. She is overly-serious about Pack dynamics and flattens herself before the Alpha but will fight opposing subordinates, specially if they conflict or mock one of her beliefs. She has a strange kind of accent, from originating so far away, but she is easily understood. For people who have just met her, especially males, she seems attractive until you encounter her control freak side. This also makes her best suited to hunt alone, and her long legs can power her enough to take down a small deer if they're there.

History: Around a century ago, the Pack of maned wolves her family lived with in Brazil became wanderers. Slowly but steadily, over the short generations, they traveled further and further north. One winter, when the bitter winter froze over the Bering Strait, they crossed it in an attempt to find yet newer territory. Eventually, the Pack found a home in a deep dark forest near the Upland territories. Ten years later, her family is thriving. Their numbers grew too many, so Ashynna joined the group made to leave, the earliest daughter of the Alphas and nearly a princess, because of the strange need to wander that had badgered her family for decades. She traveled through the Uplands and into the mountains, where she lost her drive to wander and settled down with the Pack that guards the range. Few know of her real history, but she is willing to tell it if it does not interfere with neccessary chores.

Crush: None.

Mate: None.

Kin: Nikoto (Father), Misha (Mother), Toanot (Brother)

Other: She loves hunting, and when life's emotions get to her, that's where she usually goes. Also, her long legs are great for balance, and she traverses the Pack's rocky mountain territory with ease.

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History: to most it is unknown. He's very discreet about his childhood. He arrived in the forest one day, people thought he was mad, and left him be. Though he continued on his way undetered. He was seeking something, it seemed, but no one could figure what. He wandered up the mountains, even further, since he arrived in these woods, people more steered clear of him than threaten him, though he never/rarely tresspassed at all.
Crush: Mate: Kin: his mother(spoiler), other than that none really. ($poiler again(his dad before his birth) Other:

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If you're on the Mountain, that's where you should post.

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(Holy crap, someone got peppr spryed in LA about 5 min ago, dispatch is there, lets see what they say)

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Name: Sorne
Age: Five years
Gender: Male
Pack: Cragg's
Rank: Beta male
- large; built tall and strong with long limbs corded with toned bands of muscle. he has a supple way of moving - a predator's grace. he's made more for strength and power, made the way he is to negotiate rougher, harsher terrain.
- fur colored with various shades of brown. his chest, front legs, throat, cheeks, and underbelly are all a cream-ivory color, but the rest of him is ridges with different dark browns. for exact patterns see picture above.
- his eyes are a dark caramel-yellow color.
Personality: A big, soft, cuddly teddy bear hidden behind a thick icy wall. Silent, stoic, strong, cold. If he likes you, great - you'll have a loyal friend with a dry sense of humor and someone who'll stick with you no matter what. An intense boy who will keep your secrets, pick you up when you're down, give you love when you feel like you're lacking. Around his 'friends' he's actually kind of quietly awkward. Don't take this awkwardness for lack of ability, for Sorne still remains a formidable opponent, a male who can strike at any moment. If he doesn't like you, though, that's a different story. hostile, raised lips and bared teeth - challenging glares which have you shaking. He'll take every chance to put you down and may lose his temper for no reason, getting angry over the littlest things even if they don't provoke him.
Sorne also has no patience for intruders. He's not impulsive, but he tends not to wait for them to leave - instead he'll just chase them out. There is a certain distaste for Frent's pack within him, but he still respects them to some extent.
History: Sorne, when he first traveled from his former home into the Uplands, was the omega of Cragg pack... and he hated it. Doing everything last, being pushed around - it wasn't something Sorne was really made to be. He wasn't a punching bag.
So he fought his way to the top. He made himself known, and feared, and became the first beta within his entire family - a position which he likes much better. There's much more to his history, but he hasn't really revealed it yet.
Crush: He does admire Eve, but he isn't sure if it's in the romantic sense, really.
Mate: None.
Kin: Crisan [brother]; River [father]; Falls [mother]
Other: Sorne's often the one who's roaming about the true borders of Cragg pack, looking out for intruders.

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