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The Lowlands is a harsh and brutal area. There are many packs, but they are small and broken, fighting to survive.
Elk have scattered, most of them have left to the Uplands for better meadows and pastures. This leaves the wolves with little to no food.
Because there is scarce food, only the alpha's are permitted to have pups. If every wolf had a litter, most of them would starve. If a she-wolf who is not alpha bares pups, the alpha's usually kick her and the mate out.
The Lowlander's are envious of the Uplanders, and find it extremely unfair that they cannot all live in harmony past the Mountain. The wolves think they should all try and cross at once, but the packs seem to hate each other, and would rather live in the Lowlands than work together.
The wolves here are thin and sickly looking, with only one healer in the entire area.

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ash. cool!! :)

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 41 comments Could I make my healer the one healer? It just seems I have the only healer there anyway.

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