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((This the the roleplay for Frent's pack))

Frent's pack was founded by the brown noble wolf, Frent. He is also known as one of the wolf God's, and many wolves believe him to be the creator of all Packs. He is used as curse words, as in "Thank Frent you didn't die," Or, "I hope to Frent we survive," And "May Frent watch over you".
Frent's pack is located in the large and lush valley, further away from the Mountains. They can see the faint skyline of the Kingdom further up, but it would take a months journey to actually reach the castle.
Frent's pack is noble, yet a little stuck up. The wolves in this pack think very highly of themselves, and think of Cragg's pack as outcasts, though they know that Cragg's Pack is protecting them.
Their is a large, hollowed out tree trunk that serves as the Alpha's den. The rest of the wolves are encouraged to sleep out in the open field.
Having great living conditions, Frent's pack is encouraged to reproduce, just like Cragg's. The pack is big, but that means they dominate the area.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric awoke from his slumber, somewhere around the camp. He blinked, adjusting to the sudden brightness of the crisp morning. He yawned and slowly got to his feet, shaking out his fur.

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) Moonmist was in the shadows, eating. She saw Aaric, and smiled. "Hello Aaric, did you have a nice sleep?" she asked, and stood up, usually not this socialable.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric jumped back, slightly startled. "Y-Yes I did. Thank you Moonmist," he said, smiling warmly. "How about you?"

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) Moonmist drew back. "Sorry Ael, we'll be a little more quiet." as part of the pack, she didn't like to disturb others. She smiled at Aaric. "A little rough, but I survived." she grinned.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric smiled warmly. "We all do in the end."

((Gtg for a little bit.))

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) ((okay!))

Moonmist shook her head, and stepped back in the shadows. "Maybe, but I'll stay here if you want," she said timidly, back to her usual self.

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) She smiled shyly. "Okay, even tough I am a Shaman..." she leaped ahead, feeling the wind.

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) Moonmist laughed happily, and raced her. "Nuh uh, MOONMIST is!" she cried.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric smiled. "Hang on, wait up!" he called.

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) "Come on then!" she shouted, feeling pleased. "Aaric is last...oh no, he's catching up!" she said.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric laughed happily, racing after the two she-wolves. "And I'm about to overtake you, Moonmist!"

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) Moonmist snarled mockingly, and raced ahead. "Not if I reach the place we're about to hunt first!" she said.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric laughed happily and ran after his friends. He was obviously the slowest and everyone knew it.

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) Moonmist slowed down, mock panting. "Oh my gosh..can't go any farther..." she collapsed on the ground, pretending that she had died, but she knew that the smile gave it away.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric laughed and rolled his eyes. He finally caught up and stood over Moonmist. "C'mon, get up!" he said, licking her cheek.

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) She blushed. Did he just lick her cheek? she slowly got up, smiling. "Okay, the Shaman is up, and away!" she called, and raced away.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric laughed happily and bounded after her. "Okay, let me get this straight. We're meant to be on a hunt, right?"

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) She jusst laughed, then said, "Then let's go hunt!"

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric smiled and shook his fur, slowing down and walking after her.

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) She waited for him, her eyes sparkling.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric finally fell into step with her and smiled. "Where to?"

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) "Wherever our friend ahead takes us to," she replied, and smiled. "For a Beta, you should be leading.."

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric shrugged. "I prefer letting others have a go at the job."

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) Moonmist looked expectantly at Ael.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric looked at Ael. "Your choice."

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric nodded and followed her, his eyes on alert.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric followed Ael through the trees, also picking up the scent.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric thought for a moment. "I suggest one of us goes from the back, someone else goes from the side and the last person attacks the front. Ready?"

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric smiled. "Moonmist?"

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) ((I don't think so...))

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) ((We should wait. It's only fair.))

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) ((I have to go for a while, but I would.))

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) (i'm so sorry!!!)

Moonsmist smiled. "Which way do you want to go?"

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric padded after Ael and Moonmist.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric nodded. "Okay, I got it."

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) "Ready," Aaric replied.

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๖ۣۜƧilverlight Friday stood up, his black pelt blending in with the shadows that lerked from the trees.He spotted Aaric, Moonmist and Ael, and watched them.Great the higher rank are here, he silently thought, sarcastically.

((Friday's an omega, so he's always wondering off, and he hadn't been to far away from where they were.))

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Aaric doubled back as Ael stopped. He looked at her, them sniffed the air, "Wolf," he murmured.

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๖ۣۜƧilverlight Friday tensed,in case there was about to be a fight. He took a step back, deeper into the shadows, and glared at the other wolves.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Friday could feel a growl in his throat, though he kept it in. `He never trusted higher ranks. He took a few steps forward, stepping into the light of the sun. He was still tense, ready to fight or run.

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Cue huffed, laying his head down on the earthy ground. His ears were pricked, and his hackles were raised, as always. Being blind, he had to always be alert.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Friday." Friday replied, lowly. His ears were pricked and his tail hung low.Rage and misstrust gleamed in his eyes.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments Whisper settled back into the shadows of the camp, his ghostly eyes looking out over the other wolves with boredom bordering on blankness.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Friday turned away, and started to padd back into the shadows. He perfurred keeping in the shadows, where he had an advantage.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((Friday's not in camp...))

Friday's fur stood on end, as he padded away, not glancing back. Soon he settled down by the base of a willow tree near the camp. His stomach rumbled, but he would hunt for himself later on. Right now he had to make sure he shook those other wolves, so he wouldn;t have to wait on them to eat whatever kill he could make.
He sniffed the air. The air carried the slight scent of a strange wolf(Whisper). Friday put his head on his paws. It was just probely another high ranked wolf, ready to push him around along with the other omegas.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments ((oh I'm smart. herp derp!))

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((O well, i just put him outside of the camp, anyways.))

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) | 390 comments Whisper shook his muzzle and hufted himself to his paws. Camp was nerve-wracking, he never knew when someone would become bored and start taunting him. Instead, he headed out into the forest.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Friday could see a figure coming out of the camp. He got to his feet, his ears flattened. Where they coming his way? Friday was tierd of being pushed around, he wasn't going to let the wolves taunt him like he had before.

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