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The Uplands tend to be a nice and peaceful place, with fallow and red deer herd running rampant, giving the wolves enough food, enough as to where they don't have to fight often.
The Uplands are closer to the Mountain, so most of the packs get their water from some springs and pools of water that have formed from the icecaps at the top.

Overall, Uplands are a nice place to live, but they rarely let any Lowland wolves inside their territory. They have strict border patrols along the Mountain, ran by Cragg's Pack.

Unlike the Lowlands, the Uplands have different pack names. The first wolf that founded the pack keeps the pack name. For example, a wolf named Cragg started Cragg's Pack, and the name has been the same since.

The Uplands tend to have more human interaction, though, as there is a large castle and small village further up the area.

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I'm still working on actually creating the group, so if you could wait awhile that'd be awesome.

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