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Algonquin Round Table.

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Michael Charton This is the first book in this series. I'm a Brooklyn native and enjoyed the wit. Robert Benchley has become my new hero, because of the humor. I want to make a point of visiting the Algonquin, the next time I'm in New York.
The book is an enjoyable ride through Manhattan in the 1920's. Right down, to the obnoxious detective, the speakeasy the bootlegger (Appropriately named Mickey Finn), Battersby as the name for the chief villain and the chase through Manhattan, under the Ninth Avenue El Tracks (No, I'm not old enough to remember them, LOL). Can't wait to read the others.

Jan C I enjoyed it, too. A number of years ago I became a fan of Dorothy Parker.

And I have been to the Algonquin. We were staying across the street at the Royalton - when people could afford to stay at the Royalton.

Michael Charton LOL! Jan. Yes, luckily I can stay with Mom and Dad.

J.J. Murphy Ooops. You gave away the name of the bad guy! Spoiler alert!

Michael Charton Sorry boss.

Michael Charton Sorry boss. I was going to put that on my blog but goofed. You can make me the victim or the baddie in another book...

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