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message 1: by Emery, GROUP FOUNDER (last edited Nov 05, 2011 11:38AM) (new)

Emery Lee (authoremerylee) | 900 comments Mod
If You have a Nook e-reader there are some very cool special feature articles you may download for free while in a B&N store. Here a link for this week:
A Regency Christmas by Grace Burrowes

A Regency Christmas! So beautiful, and so romantic. New York Times bestselling author takes us on a tour of an old-time - very old-time - Christmas, complete with plum pudding, wishes, and of course, a tree.

message 2: by Emery, GROUP FOUNDER (new)

Emery Lee (authoremerylee) | 900 comments Mod
If you have a nook, here’s a link to the “More in Store” feature :

Gambling Women in the Georgian Age
"Romance author and history buff Emery Lee brings us a glimpse into the secret world of women gamblers in the Georgian age in this exclusive essay for Barnes & Noble readers."

message 3: by Shea (new)

Shea | 42 comments Very cool Emery. I have a Nook but the nearest Barnes and Noble is about 45 minutes away :-( How long will it be available?

message 4: by Emery, GROUP FOUNDER (new)

Emery Lee (authoremerylee) | 900 comments Mod
Hi Shea! I'm not certain. I would think they would archive these features but don't know for sure.

message 5: by Larisa (new)

Larisa (msgodiva1) | 28 comments A week, and from what I saw in store last week, no access to past weeks..But - I am a Nook Newbie! Missed Grace Burrowe's essay that I also wanted to read.

message 6: by Lenore (new)

Lenore Wolfe | 9 comments Dark Warrior hit #6 on Amazon's top fantasy and is free on Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Noble's Nook! It hit #11 on Amazon's Top Free 100 last week! and is in Nook's top selling ranks. It's closing in on 100,000 downloads! Get your's on your Kindle or Nook now while it's still available for free!

It best fits the Historical Western Romance genre with fantasy and mystical qualities:)
Lenore Wolfe
Dark Warrior To Tame a Wild Hawk (Dark Cloth Series) by Lenore Wolfe

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