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message 1: by E.J. (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) Entry #69
Mood: Excited
Entry: I think I've finally found one of the people who burned down my house and killed my family. I'm giving chase to them tomorrow so that I can find the rest. Wish me luck, my angel and my journal!

Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Shouldn't you start w/ entry #1?

message 3: by E.J. (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) I decided to have it be like she already had it for a while.

Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) well kk...

message 5: by E.J. (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) Entry #70
Mood: Frustrated
Entry: Back to the drawing board, some kid accidentally killed my lead so I'm going to have to try to find a new person. There's a promising person still on my list, but I don't know if he's part of the group that killed my family. I hope he is so that he can suffer...

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