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The movie sucked!!!

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message 1: by Romario (last edited Nov 05, 2011 10:55AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Romario They didn't include the final battle scene. They added a lame burrow scene. They didn't add most of the memories. They don't discuss the horcruxes much. And then in the DH movies, Harry just happens to know what they are.

Michael I still liked the film. I agree that the burrow scene was a bit out of place. Also, one thing that I thought was really weird was how Harry and Ginny's kiss went from "euphoric" to "awkward".

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I didn't like it either :/

message 4: by Yue (new) - rated it 5 stars

Yue I liked the movie, but there are certain things that I didn't... for example, that scene where Ginny tied Harry's shoelace... that was awkward and out of context. And of course, the burrow scene didn't make sense at all.

Brianna the final battle was awful! i mean, there wasn't even a battle for heaven's sake!! they left so much out, and the Weasely's house burning down??? really?

Aditi d whole movie was about how to cope up when you are a teenager.. crushes and all !! it was boring to see that...

Lauraleigh the films were rubbish compared to the books, they left soo much out of the HBP and DH fillms i was truely disapointed in it and when it was over i was like, i dont get what all the hype was about if it was this bad,

Rachel I wasn't disappointed in this movie until later. I left the theatre thinking "wow, that was awesome," but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that they messed it up entirely. The teen romance was meant to be a backdrop to the more important issues (Horcruxes, Draco's mysterious mission, the Half-Blood Prince). Instead, the movie made romance the most prominent aspect while the rest was haphazardly thrown in.

I didn't appreciate that the memories relating to the Horcruxes were cut down to almost nothing, since those were the parts I was looking forward to the most. I was also looking forward to Snape screaming at Harry after being called a coward, which I thought was one of the most tense and exhilarating moments in the book.

Unfortunately, the movie makers decided that we'd rather see a bunch of teenagers slobbering all over each other instead. But at least Felix Felicis Harry was amazingly funny =P

message 9: by M. (new) - rated it 4 stars

M. Yes, this was the worst adaptation of all Harry's books. Ginny and Harry's kiss was awesome in the book and in the movie it was just blah. The worst part was the non existent final battle scene. I was so pissed that they cut that! Also, they forgot to add the part where Dumbledore jinks Harry with the paralysis spell. Without that crucial part, they just made Harry look like a coward.

Mehnaz The movies are never better than the books actually :(
If the book has 300 pages, they can only show us about 100 pages of story in the movies.
It would be better if they started something like a TV serial on the whole series. Then they wouldn't have to change or cut the story short and they can present every page to us :)

Julia The book was great, but honestly I couldn't finish the movie all the way through. I was SO mad. I honestly questioned the fact that the person who directed this one even ever READ the book... grrr.

Soragon Yep. It sucked.
Have a read of this to see how far the films have strayed from the books:

It's an excellent editorial.

Rachel Michelle wrote: "Yes, this was the worst adaptation of all Harry's books. Ginny and Harry's kiss was awesome in the book and in the movie it was just blah. The worst part was the non existent final battle scene. I ..."

I agree almost completely. I do kind of think that it was more poignant to have Harry not under the influence of a spell when Dumbledore was killed. The only thing keeping him there was his trust for Snape, which he was obviously unsure about, and the moment that he realizes that he was (apparently) betrayed was heartbreaking to me, not cowardly.

Chelseabelle Rachel wrote: "Michelle wrote: "Yes, this was the worst adaptation of all Harry's books. Ginny and Harry's kiss was awesome in the book and in the movie it was just blah. The worst part was the non existent final..."

BUT... the finality of KNOWING that Ddore was dead and wouldn't be coming back because his spell broke was what I liked about him being under the spell. Knowing for SURE that Ddore was gone and wouldn't magically come back like a soap opera was important. To me.

Sosen I liked the videotape.

message 16: by Rachel (last edited Nov 22, 2011 03:46AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rachel Chelseabelle wrote: "Rachel wrote: "Michelle wrote: "Yes, this was the worst adaptation of all Harry's books. Ginny and Harry's kiss was awesome in the book and in the movie it was just blah. The worst part was the non..."

Well, I mean, it's a movie. It would have been difficult to convey that, and trying might have made the entire scene overly complex and confusing. I think it made his death pretty clear. Then again, I can be pretty insensitive to people who watch the movies but refuse to pick up the books. Not that I'm apologizing for that ^_^

But yeah, I really think that this is an example of the moviemakers actually making a change that added to or enhanced the story (the Snape/trust thing). It definitely wasn't a screw-up like the Burrow or missing Pensieve memories, at any rate.

message 17: by 8 (new) - rated it 4 stars

8 I thought that there was too much girlie snogging and love triangle crap. Harry Potter 6, the book, was a little of that, but it was mostly about harry and Dumbledore's search for Horcruxes and trying to find out how and where to find them. Whoever made that movie was about as bad as the makers of Percy jackson. I can't believe J.K. Rowling accepted the movie, but then again, she had no choice once she signed off the rights. whoever made the mistake, they sure made a big one.

Caroline It was good

message 19: by 8 (new) - rated it 4 stars

8 no

message 20: by Luke (new) - rated it 5 stars

Luke The movie made no Sense to me but the book was good.

Vladimir the film was fucking tragic. one of the best books in the series is reduced to a blue filter version of the OC. the phoenix's song was excluded as was the final battle.

Kyrah I kind of enjoyed this movie and even though some scenes were left out I give props to the movie makers.Some moments were added to the movie that wasn't in the book that made me lol. This movie wasn't that bad.

Taylor I liked the movie but the books are always better than the films in my opinion.

Courtney Luke wrote: "The movie made no Sense to me but the book was good."

I agree. The book was amazing but they just ruined the whole thing in the movie.

Shreya=Drastically Random. Find the emoticon. Sakura wrote: "I liked the movie, but there are certain things that I didn't... for example, that scene where Ginny tied Harry's shoelace... that was awkward and out of context. And of course, the burrow scene di..."

Oh man...that was ANNOYING. In all the movies, they've taken away the best thing about Ginny - the fact that she's so resilient and tough. They also took away her dry side. In the movie they turned her into a soppy lovebird. "Oh, Harry, your shoelace is untied." Seriously. He's capable of fighting off Voldemort, I'm SURE he can tie his own shoelace.

Stepheny It was probably the worst adaptation of the book out of the entire series. I hated that they left out the battle scene and the "memories" of Tom. I thought that the director was focused too much on the "coming of age" theme than on what really mattered- preparing fans for the epic finale. He focused on the wrong aspects and made the movie "cute" rather than focusing on the dark undertones- the reality of what Harry was facing. It left huge gaps and didn't lead you into the Hallows. I did like the movie as it was- I don't think I can hate anything about Harry Potter- but it was disappointing.

message 27: by Lord (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lord Voldemort It never sucked. I manged to sit through it and laugh and enjoy the movie, though I never like most tweaks.

message 28: by Yoel (new) - rated it 4 stars

Yoel Yes the movie is very bad and they have to remake it. Add the Tom Riddle's past scene & final battle scene, throw out the frivolous love story.

Ciara Well, I love the movie. And the book. Sure, the movie isnt my favourite of the series, but I still love it.
On the topic of re-making the series, theres no need. Its perfect as it is and there are plenty of other movie ideas out there. Great book!

Heather Out of all the movies, this one disappointed me the most. I remember walking out of the theatre and thinking, "this is it?" And when I'd see people talking about how amazing it was, I felt like they hadn't even read the book. Not saying that you have to hate it if you've read the book, just that it didn't deserve as much praise as some people were giving it.

Alfred I totally agree with Heather. The overall concept of Harry potter is great but hardly original; and the British 'flavored' plot is really bland and corny after the fourth book...(though I know the author is from there so I can't blame her for that)
honestly, I think that the Magicians series is much better and more original. but thats just me. The movies were up to par as far as special effects go but the plots were plodding and often the action is very spastic. Harry's character was maddening because he always is so far behind the ball... the series could have been called 'the Remedial Wizard' because if it weren't for all of his friends and all of the hidden help he was forever getting he would have died back in the first book!

message 32: by Mel (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mel (Daily Prophecy) This movie was horrible, just a big mistake..

message 33: by Nick (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nick yes it left a lot out but i still like it because it made me laugh more than any of the others did

message 34: by Ria (new) - added it

Ria de Vera But for the fact that they didn't include The House of Gaunt and other such chapters, I actually thought it was decent.

Amanda Obviously when translating any book to film it is impossible to include all the info and scenes from every chapter. I think they did a great job of it. My little sister watched it without having read the book and she completly understood what was going on. I think it's always a bit frustrating to watch a film based on a book you've read as there is always loads of detail left out. What I usually do is watch the film first and then read the book as you are seldom disappointed that way.

george ☽ Yes, this was by far the worst film. the first film was the best, apart from dh part two, and then they just went a bit downhill.

Nicole I enjoyed all of the movies and watched all of them after I read the book. "Half-Blood Prince" is one of my favorite HP movies. Sort of related, I liked "Order of the Phoenix" better than the book.

I try very hard not to pick a movie apart based on the book. It helps when it has been a while since I've read the book before seeing the movie. I read Half-Blood Prince the day after the it was released. Then the movie when it came out in the theater. There was such a long space in there that the details missing from the movie simply don't bother me.

Films and books are completely different forms of entertainment for me. Like I said, I try to look at them as such.

Kressel Housman Agreed, but I still cried over Dumbledore.

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

While I liked the movie, I don't believe it captured the essence of the book.

Rodrigo The movie itself was good , could've add some memories and harry's romance with ginny imo , hell i even missed srimgeaour and the minister scene , but it was what it was, as director it must be hard to please all the readers, i think they should make 2 versions the one for non- readers and the one for readers .... i've learned not to judge the movie based on the book, beacause it is a recipee for disaster , expectations and prejudice can ruin the moment..

Sparrowlicious Oh, I don't even know so much. Quite some time passed between me reading The Half-Blood Prince and when the movie aired.
The thing is, I was dissapointed that they didn't include more about the half-blood prince himself, I mean - the book and the movie are called '... and The Half-Blood Prince' and not '... and Ron's lovey-dovey relationships'. Do you know what I mean?
Then again, movie adaptions of books that have quite a load of sub plots are not always easy. Even with Rowling herself probably having much to say in this matter ... or not? From all the movie adaptions I read the book of, only two were alright with me: Fight Club and Shutter Island. (I'll leave out Stardust since, well, you know, everything's different with Stardust because Neil Gaiman has an interesting view on this adapting business.)

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