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The Island of the matoran of Foyka Nui

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Makka stared around at the barren deserts of Po-Foyka. It had been his home before. Now it was destroyed. The toa had sent their matoran to Mata Nui in order to keep them safe. The Makuta had taken control of the island. The toa had gone on seperate journeys to their own Foyka to say one last good-bye to their old homes before they conducted their final adventure to find the Makuta HQ in Foyka Nui, sneak in, memorize their plans, and blow the place up, somehow getting out alive. Then they would get word to any other toa in existence of what the plan was and how to prepare for it.

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The creature trembled in hatred at the names. "Die, die, die," It said. It snarled, and the force of that snarl caused an earthquake that swallowed an island twenty kio away.

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Examba stared down at Ta-Foyka. Its walls were sustained by lava, and there were still a few matoran refugees. A flicker of movement caught his eye. A trumpet sounded, and he heard a matoran scream, "The toa of Lightning Approaches! The Toa of Lightning-" He heard Gafna's voice now. "Is here! Sound the alarm!" More trumpets sounded. Herdys stared at the horizon. "What's wrong?" He asked.
"Rahkshi. Thousands of them," Gafna replied.

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Yamato stared at an army of rahi (mauka, visorak, kane-ra, rock rapters, all those good stuff) headed toward Ta-Foyka, the last Foyka still housing Matoran. So this is no random Rahi attack, He thought, obvious because the Rock Raptors weren't eating the Kane-ra. He followed behind the rahi, remaining unseen with his shadow power. In any case, Herdyx'll need some help.

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Makka stared at the Bohrok swarm marching through his home village. Calling on the Kanohi mask of Underground travel, he dove underground and heard the Marching feet of the swarms. Listening intently, his senses picked up the direction of the footfalls. They were going to Ta-Foyka. The why was obvious. Increasing the power setting of his mask, he drilled for the Foyka. He had to get to the Foyka before the Bohrok.

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Zido flew over Le-foyka on his hoverboard that Makka had made for him. They should have gethered here hours ago. He looked down and saw Magnus running toward him. Bending the glider, Zido dove so that he was hovering a single cio off the ground directly next to Magnus. "What be the trouble-danger, toa brother?" He asked the Toa of Magnetism. "I saw... Manas. Thousands of Manas crabs marching for Ta- Foyka. I ran to get you. There are too many for Examba to battle alone." Zido laughed. "They will be no even-match for three Toa-heroes. Hop-jump on my gliderboard." When Magnus complied, he laughed and soared into the air, toward Ta-Foyka.

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Gafna stared at the armies. They were surrounded on all sides by Rahkshi and Rahi. Makka rose from the ground. "Bohrok! Headed your way!" He warned, jsut as the coppery forms of the Bohrok revealed themselves. Makka surveyed the other armies. "Though it looks like you've got your hands full."

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They were surrounded by Bohrok, Rahkshi, and Rahi. And worse, Gafna could see the forms of manas crabs arriving. She looked up at the sky, saying, "Mata Nui protect us." And she saw two toa on a glider board diving toward them. "That should help, thanks," Examba said. Yamato appeared next to them, wielding his legendary hammer. "How is this?" He asked them. "Any better?"
Makka smiled. "All six of the Toa Foyka. Nothing could be greater."

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If they had still been Hendirex, or even Mauka, they could have escaped this easily. As it was, they were going to have to get accustomed to being Toa again. Makka karate-kicked a manas, depending on a strength that he didn't have any more to fight it off, but was disappointed.

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Yamato swung his hammer, and swept several Manas aside. Examba targeted numerous Rahkshi with his powers of Virtue. Magnus leapt off of Zido's glider and landed amongst a herd of Bohrok, which he magnetized together. "Stay," he told them.

Glinda the Gallifreyan Eleka traveled steadily over the hills of the island, until she saw before her some kind of gathering of toas that might be a struggle. Instinctively, she hurried her pace, knife drawn, until she reached the gathering. "What's going on here?" she asked in the common toa tongue.

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Yamato gestured to the huge armies of Rahkshi, Rahi, Manas, Bohrok, and Visorak, the struggle going on all over the city to get the Matoran to the boats. "What does it look like?"
Zido gestured for the Matoran to follow him. "Quick-speed, little brothers," He said. He turned to the other Toa. "Hold-back the bad-enemy. I will get the Matoran to the boats," He said, speaking in a strange adaptation of Matoran known as Treespeak and Chutespeak.

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Makka willed a column of iron to rise into the air. Gafna fired a shot of electricity into it, electrifying it suitably. Magnus then magnetized the collected Bohrok onto it. "That deals with the Bohrok," Herdyx said as the robots were disintegrated by the electricity.

Glinda the Gallifreyan ((Yeah, I think that's it. =] I know next to nothing about the bionicle world, so... yeah. I just use what I know. =D))

"Will do." Eleka replied, and set off to quick work, soon in a battle with a Bohrok, twirling and whirling with her knife in one hand. The other hand summoned water from a damp patch of earth nearby and soon made quick use of it, using it in a somewhat whiplike form.

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Makka rose a fist and pounded into a rahkshi's armor, then tore out a kraata slug. The rahkshi armor fell lifeless to the ground. Makka tossed the slug to the ground and ground it under his heel.
Examba slashed his sword and hit a bohrok's headplate. The blade broke into three pieces. Herdyx tossed the useless weapon to the side and passed his other blade from his left to his right. Then he resumed the battle.

Glinda the Gallifreyan It wasn't long before there was a small pile of empty shells surrounding Eleka. Still, she continued to fight, her water whip flicking out from one hand, her knife darting from the other. She didn't have a single thought while she was fighting-- she had learned to simply and mechanically fight until there was no opposer left to fight.

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"Toa of Water! We need a large wave on the Visorak there!" Gafna said, gesturing to an area where the Visorak were readying their spinners to onslaught the Toa and kill them all.

Glinda the Gallifreyan Eleka didn't give a verbal response. In a second, while she continued the battle with the enemy in front of her, a large wave swept over the Visorak, sending them flailing, and their eyes soon flickered and puttered out, leaving lifeless shells behind.

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Gafna watched silently. She knew personally how deadly water could be, and was about to learn how much more so when electrified. The tidal wave was just about to ram into a crowd of Manas crabs when she send a bead of electricity into the liquid protodermis. When the water made contact, the crabs were all but disintegrated.

Glinda the Gallifreyan Eleka, in a short pause in the fighting, saw Gafna work with her wave to electrocute some Manas crabs. She smiled, and nodded at the good thinking, but was quickly called away to fight two opponents at once.

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Examba quickly lost his other blade on the armor of a Rahkshi. Makka tossed Examba one of his stun staffs, and Examba resumed the battle.

Glinda the Gallifreyan Soon, there seemed to be barely any of the opposing forces. Eleka slowed her fighting to a stop, as the few that remained were retreating back into their stronghold. Walking over to the other toas, of whos names she didn't know, she asked one who seemed to be in charge, "Is all your people not hurt?" The common toa tongue was extremely choppy, but it worked well enough.

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((It's called Matoran, and there is no other language.))
Zido hurriedly zipped over on his glider board. To Herdyx he said, "Produc is missing-lost! I can't seek-find him!" Makka, who had a real talent for sarcasm, remarked, "Is that a good enough answer?"

Glinda the Gallifreyan ((Oh, it is? My apologies!))

Eleka frowned ever so slightly. "Do you need help seek-finding your missing-lost?" she asked with a touch of concern.

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((Mostly only Le-matoran and toa of air talk like that, so he'll be thinking that she was mocking him.))
"Regardless of how different-strange I may sound-hear to you, it is not an invitation to mock-insult my treespeak!" Zido shouted.

Glinda the Gallifreyan Eleka cowered slightly. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'm young, and I don't know much about the world around me. I speak like the people I'm speaking with."

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Zido sighed, tried to use the ko-matoran trick of counting to himself, got bored, and gave up. He nodded his forgiveness and turned his glider board to Examba for orders.

He had managed to count to three before he had gotten bored.

Glinda the Gallifreyan Eleka sighed as well, not quite sure now what she was supposed to do. So, in the sort of half-trance she had developed from walking long distances without much rest, she viewed the field of destruction around them.

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Makka tossed Examba his remaining Vahki stun staff and waved his hand, concentrating. Metals flew out of the earth and, after a brief period of time, collected into a battle-axe.

Glinda the Gallifreyan Eleka, pulling out of her reverie slightly, realized she hadn't dropped the water whip, or cleaned and sheathed her knife. On that thought, she let the water drop, and bent down to wipe her blade clean on the trampled grass beneath her. Rising again, she sheathed the knife, and almost immediately went back to that trance, but kept an ear open for what the other toas were doing.

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((toa is already plural, jsut a tip.))
"Casualties?" Herdyx asked Yamato. "Only two on our side, if you count Produk."

Glinda the Gallifreyan ((Thankies!))

Eleka looked up. "Considering the odds, that's fairly good. Of course, it's never good to have casualties, but the fewer the better. In my opinion."

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"I've never met anyone who had a different oppinion," Magnus agreed. The toa Foyka shared a laugh at that. Makka thought a moment. "Hey! Magnus made a joke!!!" There was another collective laugh at that.

Glinda the Gallifreyan Eleka couldn't help laughing along with the other toa as one toa, who seemed to be named Magnus, made a joke about himself. "Well, I'm honored to be complimented on having a different opinion."

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This, of course, was the opposite of what he had said, but Magnus decided not to point that out.

"Doomsday sent the armies to cut down on our powers, not destroy us," Zido concluded.

Yamato shook his head. "They were to destroy us. As Hendirex, that would've been the reason, but we're so much weaker now. We would've died if not for..." He turned to Eleka. "I didn't catch your name."

Glinda the Gallifreyan "Eleka." she said simply, bowing her head slightly.

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"Well, I offer my thanks, Eleka," Yamato said, lifting his fist to clink hers, which was pretty much what toa did to communicate respect.

Glinda the Gallifreyan "You're very welcome." She clinked his fist as well, having seen his power in battle. "I was just passing through the area, and thought I could help."

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"That's quite the Toa spirit. We are the Toa Foyka. This is," he gestured to hte red-armored toa, "Examba." Blue armor, "Gafna," Gray armor, "Makka," Silver and white armor, "Magnus," Green and yellow armor, with a glider board, "and Zido."
Finished with his friends' introductions, he gestured to himself. "And I'm Yamato."

Glinda the Gallifreyan "Nice to meet you all." Eleka looked at all of them with a hint of a smile. "If you don't mind me asking, how did you all get here? Why are you here?"

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"We were once matoran of Foyka Nui before we recieved Toa stones. So we scurried down the The Great Temple in Onu-Foyka, Yamato's village, to reach the Toa Suva," Examba said.
"We defended-saved the city from rahi-beast charge-attacks, bohrok swarms, manas-crab charge-attacks, even Rahksii and Makuta," Zido continued, doing a flip on his glider board for emphasis.
"But we were... overpowered. We were forced into energized protodermis, our assailants hoping that it would kill us. Instead it... did things to us. We came out as beastial creatures that we now call Toa Mauka," Gafna told her.
Makka smiled. "I came up with the name. We each gained new elemental powers. I got metal, Gafna got electricity, Herdyx got Virtue, Zido plasma, Magnus magnetism, and Yamato got shadow."

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Yamato picked up from there. "We couldn't reach the Matoran looking like their enemies, so we set out on our first offensive mission, to destroy the Makuta behind all of it. Makuta Doomsday. Instead we ran into a Brotherhood stronghold, that contained hundreds of Makuta. We ran for it. We had incredible strength and power, but we needed more. There was an ancient legend that if we passed the Three Tests of the Three Virtues, we would gain power beyond imagination."
"We're not allowed to tell you anything about the tests," Magnus said shortly.
"We bacame the Toa Hendirex and went to the base again. Against our new powers as Hendirex, the Makuta resistence crumbled and we destroyed everything," Magnus decided that he was done speaking and nodded to Examba to finish. "But we wanted to become our old Toa selves so that we could return to Foyka Nui and protect it. My increased powers as a Hendirex allowed me to do so, but we kept the Elemental powers, ah, sort of. Yamato has shadow and light now. He's a Toa of Twilight."

Glinda the Gallifreyan "How interesting." was all Eleka could think of saying. She now felt like she had to share something about her past. "About a year ago, my family's stronghold was attacked, and I believe I'm the only survivor. Ever since then, I've been wandering."

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"Well, Eleka, welcome to the Toa Foyka," Yamato said welcomingly.
"Is it thought-wise to bring another into this danger-venture?" Zido asked no one in particular.

Glinda the Gallifreyan She smiled. "Thank you. And I promise to make myself useful, wherever we may travel together."

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Yamato turned to Zido, a little smugly. "Well, that settles that."
Examba chuckled. "Perhaps you'd like to be the leader?"
Yamato started to laugh when he realized that, despite the chuckle, Examba was dead serious.

Glinda the Gallifreyan "Who would?" Eleka asked, even though she felt extremely silly asking it. Sometimes she struggled in finding to whom a question was directed to.

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"Yamato," Makka informed her. "He's good with strategy, but he doesn't much want to lead. But I actually think that it would be best."
One by one, the five toa Foyka looked to Yamato expectantly. Fianlly, he caved under the pressure and nodded. "Alright. Fine."

Glinda the Gallifreyan Eleka smiled. Yamato seemed like he would be a good leader, once he warmed up to the role that he had been given.

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