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Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) Name:
History (How long have they been at the school?):

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 18 comments Mod
Okay, on for a few quick minutes before I head out, so I thought I'd make a quick character (I'll post in the other rps soon, kay, Lissy?)

Name- Sebastian Saari

-Age- 17 (November 1st)

-Look- [here]

Unlike his sister, Sebastian's hair takes on a more distinctly blue shade, unlike her inky black.

-Grade- 12th



The ability to be present anywhere and everywhere simultaneously.

-History- The twin brother to Sini, Sebastian is a very cold, heartless individual. The unwanted child, he had the hardest going in their drunkard father's household, and he was more often than not beaten unjustly.

While his sister was trained to dance the beautiful walk of life, Sebastian was sent to work with his Uncle in Russia as a spy (his family, despite the Finnish surname, are Russian originally, and the last name is assumed), and was there taught and utilized his gift.

While there, he had the most unfortunate business of working in a building riddled with asbestos, and he contracted mesothelioma at the age of fourteen, and has only become steadily sicker ever since, and the doctors all say he probably won't live past his twentieth year.

Much like his sister, he is quiet, living in the shadows of the school.

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) Name: Jason "Propain"
Age: 18
Grade: 12
Power: Can make and "control" fire
History: Jason and his brother ran away after hiss mom remarried, Jason was 10 and couldn't control his powers, one night the house they were sleeping in burst into flames, traping Jason's little brother inside. Jason was found by Carton himself and was raised as Tina's older brother.
Other: He's protective of Tina because he wasn't able to save his own brother.

message 4: by Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) (last edited Nov 06, 2011 12:43PM) (new)

 Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) (diqhedmcguillecutty) | 155 comments Name: Arthur Pencildragon
Age: 16
Look: but younger
History (How long have they been at the school?):
Grade: 10th
Power: He can see through objects
History: He was kicked out of highschool for tormenting girls about seeing them changing, he was summoned by the school two days before his fifteenth birthday on September 4th.
Other: He is quite the ladiesman...

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) He's only be in grade 10, and actually put a photo up there, then he's okay.

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) O.o... His hair scares me.

 Master of Puppets (I'm pulling your strings) (diqhedmcguillecutty) | 155 comments And Dave Mustaine is also fifty, so he looks like him at age 20.

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